The Packers-Bears are one of the oldest rivalries in the NFL.

Dating back to 1921 the Packers and Bears have met 206 times with the Packers having a 105-95-6 record against their cross-state rivals.

With the Packers facing the Bears for the 207 time this week, it is once again “Bears week” here in Green Bay.

We’ll look back on the Top five games in the Packers-Bears rivalry.

5. Packers-Bears at Green Bay (2014)

Aaron Rodgers threw 6 touchdown passes in the first half alone.

Two of those touchdowns went to Jordy Nelson and the Packers defense completely shut out the Bears offense in the first half.

You didn’t even need to watch the second half to know that the Packers pretty much beat the Bears 55-14.

This is probably one of the most lopsided games in the Packers-Bears rivalry.

4. Packers vs. Bears (1995) at Green Bay

The Packers and Bears, who were leading the division at that point in the season met in 1995.

But the Packers weren’t completely sure if their star quarterback would even play in the game.

Brett Favre had a sprain ankle and didn’t practice all week leading up to the game and it looked like he wasn’t going to be able to play.

However, Favre showed his toughness and led the Packers to a 35-28 win.

Favre play one of his best games as a Packer, throwing for 336 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Eventually, the Packers would go on to win six of their final 7 games that season to win their first division title since 1972.

3. Packers vs Bears (2021) at Chicago

Game Preview: Packers vs Bears
Aaron Rodgers celebrates his rushing touchdown during a 24-14 win against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Oct. 17, 2021. Syndication Usa Today

I still own you.

Four words said by one man.

That man was Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers on a 4-game winning streak after starting the season 0-1.

Although he didn’t have one of his super-human performances, Rodgers shut the door on any comeback the Bears had in mind with a 6-yard touchdown late in the 4th quarter.

After the touchdown Rodgers screamed to the Bears fans “I still own you”, shoving it into the face of Bears fans.

But who could blame him?

Rodgers at that point had a 22-5 record as a starter against Chicago, which Bears fans were not too happy about.

2. Packers vs. Bears (2018) at Green Bay

The Packers were down and out at halftime in 2018.

This was not the way they wanted to start off their 100th season.

The Packers down 20-0 at halftime and without their QB Aaron Rodgers with a knee injury.

The chances of a win were slim.

But once Rodgers returned, he turned that slim chance into a win.

Rodgers threw for 3 touchdown passes in the second half.

Including the winning touchdown to Randall Cobb for a 24-23 victory.

The win was the second largest comeback in franchise history at Lambeau field.

1. Packers vs Bears (2011) at Chicago

The stakes were pretty high in this game and this is why it is at #1 for me.

The Packers and Bears met in Chicago in 2011 for the chance to go to Super Bowl XLV.

Once again Aaron Rodgers didn’t have a super-human performance.

He was able to lead the Packers to their first Super Bowl berth in over 10 years.

Rodgers rushed for a touchdown, while James Starks ran for one as well.

Any hopes of a Super Bowl for the Bears were dashed when B.J Raji picked off Celeb Hanie for a pick-six.

Honorable Mention

Packers vs. Bears 1989 in Green Bay

Packers vs. Bears 1980 in Green Bay

Packers vs Bears 2013 at Chicago


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