With it being Super Bowl Sunday, I wanted to ask the question: how do the Green Bay Packers get back? Funnily enough, next year’s Super Bowl is in New Orleans, where the Packers have experience in winning the big game. So how do the Packers get back to New Orleans?

This question isn’t as crazy as last year’s when I analyzed the Packers NFC Championship Odds for 2023-24. They actually made the playoffs this year. Matter of fact, the Packers were less than five minutes away from beating this year’s NFC champions, the 49ers. So, what do the Packers have to do to beat the likes of San Francisco in the playoffs next year? How do they give themselves the chance to win?

Well, first, the Packers need to host playoff games. That means they need to win their division. How do they win their division to give themselves a chance?

Let’s break down the Packers and see what areas they need to improve on to get back to New Orleans and the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl: Offense

Jordan Love - Super Bowl

The Packers offense really just needs to stay the course from the second half of the season. First and foremost, Matt LaFleur needs to continue to trust in Jordan Love and not be afraid to let it rip with him. Secondly, Aaron Jones needs to continue to touch the ball. The run game allowed the Packers to stay ahead of the chains. I also believe the Packers need to continue to spread the ball around. There isn’t just one guy on this offense that demands targets. This has proven to be a good thing for this Packers offense.

In the offseason, the Packers need to find a way to add another dynamic running back to go along with Aaron Jones. Jones is an elite running back but has an injury history. Adding a talent through free agency and in the draft could be very beneficial to that running back room.

Green Bay could also continue to add young receivers to the team. I can see it happening. At the pinnacle of the Ted Thompson era, the Packers were constantly drafting wide receivers in the second and third rounds and that paid off very well in the long run. If and when an injury were to occur in the wide receiver room, it is always a good idea to have the next man up.

Super Bowl: Defense

On the defensive side of the ball, the Packers need to add to their defensive backs room. Jaire Alexander is a former All-Pro and Carrington Valentine played well as rookie, but they certainly need more depth at the cornerback position. The safety position especially needs to be addressed as there aren’t many on the team at the moment. Last year the safety position for the Packers performed at below average level, which isn’t good enough to reach a Super Bowl. So to give them a chance, the Packers are going to need to pick up a safety in free agency and in the draft.

Green Bay also needs to get pressure on the quarterback. At times last season, the Packers would go cold in the pass rush department. This can’t continue to happen. It won’t continue to happen. The Packers will need to add to the defensive line to aid in that pressure. Also, the development of Lukas Van Ness, Karl Brooks, and Colby Wooden could go a long way in helping create pressure on the quarterback.

The last thing on the Packers defense is that they need to add the off ball linebacker position. Quay Walker and Isaiah McDuffie can’t do it alone. De’Vondre Campbell looks to cut this offseason and so the Packers will need to get younger and fast at middle line backer. This is even more essential with the Packers probably moving back to a 4-3 defense even if it really is just a 4-2-5 nickel defense.


Matt LaFleur was finally able to run his offense with Jordan Love. LaFleur needs to stay hot as a play caller. His calls last year were absolutely amazing. He got his players in position for success. Three or four receivers were able to be wide open on multiple play calls last year. If he can continue to dial it up like that, the Packers will have a chance to make it back to the Super Bowl. LaFleur does not need to abandon the run. If he can do these things, watch out!

Joe Barry is out and Jeff Hafley is in. Last year, I remember talking about how Joe Barry needed to play more aggressive for the Packers to have a chance. He did not. So, LaFleur brought in a new defensive coordinator who is known to be very aggressive. If Hafley can have the Packers defensive playing as top 10 or even 12 overall defense in the NFL, then the Packers likely have a chance to make it to New Orleans and Super Bowl LIX. I believe in this team.

If the Packers can do all of these things, then I believe they can earn the 1st seed in the NFC. If the playoffs run through Lambeau, then I believe the Packers can beat a team like the 49ers to make it to the Super Bowl. This team has what it takes.

There is a lot of offseason ahead of us. The Packers offseason looks to be a drama-free, interesting one.

Go Pack Go!