Heading into the 2024 offseason the Packers have a couple decisions they need to make at Running Back.

Simply put the position may or may not have a different look in 2024.

Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst said he expects Aaron Jones back.

Jones back up though is another concern.

Running Back A.J Dillon

Running Back A.J Dillon is scheduled to be a free agent in 2024 as he has not signed an extension.

Dillon has been a decent back for the Packers though his 4 years in Green Bay.

Not only has he been a reliable power back for the Packers but he has been the perfect complement to Aaron Jones.

Through his 4 years here, Dillon has rushed for 2,428 and 16 touchdowns.

Dillon also has 86 receptions for 763 yards.

He was also the Packers second leading rusher with 613 yards.

Again, respectable numbers for a back who isn’t the starter.

To re-sign or not to re-sign Dillon

To resign or let Dillon test the free agent market is a tough question.

Dillon has been the perfect complement to Jones speed.

When both are on the field and healthy, they are a dangerous duo.

Why re-sign Dillon?

Without Dillon the Packers are left with a inexperienced backfield with only Emanuel Wilson and Ellis Merriweather under contract.

Dillon brings familiarity to the Packers offense spending his first four years here.

He also brings reliability as a ball carrier, pass catcher and excels in pass protection.

All those skills are valuable in Matt LaFleur’s offense.

Whereas bringing in a free agent or rookie might struggle stepping into that role.

When he is operating at his best, having the size and skill set at the running back position, especially in Green Bay, Wisconsin during the latter portion of the season can be valuable.

Why let him test the market?

While Dillon has the size and skills to be a change of pace back, the Packers are looking for more explosive play from that position.

This is something Dillon didn’t show last year as his playmaking ability wasn’t shown.

When at his best last year Dillon had just five carries of 10-plus yards.

That ranked 27th out of 35 eligible running backs.

He’s also been limited in his play and doesn’t have the same ability to create opportunities like Jones.

The Packers also have some options if they let him test the market.

The team really likes Emanuel Wilson and his playmaking ability in space.

This year’s draft class also has a lot of talent at the running back position, particularly in the middle rounds.


My conclusion is I don’t see the Packers resigning Dillon to another contract.

If Dillon is willing to sign on a reduced deal or a prove it deal then I would resign him.

But seeing the talent in this years draft class at Running Back, I see the Packers drafting his replacement and or Jones replacement.

Jones is under contact with the Packers until 2025.