The Packers are rich in their history, but when it comes to the Packers Dynasty, they only have one to show for in the Super Bowl era.

Dynasty was a word used a lot in the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory last Sunday.

It was the first time since 2003 that a team had won back to back Super Bowl titles.

Showing the difficulty that it’s hard to win back to back championships.

To be called a dynasty is an honor for a team.

The Packers though have had multiple chances to have multiple dynasties but none come closer than in 1998.

The Packers Dynasty that never was

Lets go back to January of 1998.

The Packers are the defending Super Bowl Champions and just completed a 13-3 season.

Almost near repeat of their 1996 championship season.

They’re facing the underdog Denver Broncos, who they destroyed the season before 41-6.

The only difference then was John Elway, the Broncos Quarterback, was out with an injury.

The Packers were confident entering the game as they should be.

They were two touchdown favorites entering the game.

Super Bowl XXXII: Packers Dynasty ended

Starting off the game the Packers were red hot, scoring a touchdown on their opening drive to Antonio Freeman.

But after that drive, it was a back and forth game.

The Packers found out real fast that the Broncos weren’t the same team they faced in 1996.

All game, the Broncos pressured reigning MVP Brett Favre.

Even though Favre threw for threw touchdowns, he threw an interceptions and had a fumble during the game.

The Packers though were still in the game.

A late touchdown by Terrell Davis, gave Favre a chance to tie or win the game for the Packers.

Instead the Packers stalled near the redzone and instead of the Packers winning back to back Super Bowls, the Broncos celebrated their first Super Bowl victory.

Future Packers Dynasties

While the Packers couldn’t shut the book on a dynasty in the 1990’s this current Packers team seems to be ready for a dynasty.

The current team certainly has the look of another Packers dynasty.

They’re young and will develop over time.

This team made it to the playoffs as the youngest team in the NFL.

Jordan Love has the look of another Packers franchise Quarterback.

The sky’s the limit for this Packers team.


As I said before in this article, it is hard to have a dynasty in the NFL.

It’s even harder to have multiple dynasties and win back to back Super Bowls multiple times.

Only the Pittsburgh Steelers have multiple dynasties.

The Packers could’ve had a dynasty in the 1990’s.

They could’ve had a dynasty with Aaron Rodgers in the 2010’s.

Now Jordan Love has a chance to do it.

He’s off to a good start leading the team to the playoffs and a playoff victory.

And now Love can add to a rich Packers history book with a Packers Dynasty of his own.