I didn’t intend to do an entire series on the NFL Combine, but here we are. So here is part three. In part one, we went over the the different draft needs that the Green Bay Packers have. In the second part, we explored RAS (relative athletic score) and whether or not the Packers use it. Finally, in this third edition of the NFL combine series, we’ll evaluate some of the performances of prospects at the NFL Combine.

(Note: we will not discuss offensive linemen since they have not performed at the time of this writing.)

NFL Combine: Cornerback

I can’t mention the cornerback performances at this year’s NFL Combine without mentioning the performance of Nate Wiggins. Wiggins ran the fastest out of all the corners with a 4.28 40-yard dash. However, with his weight being 173lbs, he might not be the pick for the Packers.

Quinyon Mitchell and Terrion Arnold both performed fantastically in the on-the-field drills. Both guys were able to check all of the hypothetical boxes to lock themselves in as the two top corners in this draft.

Finally, a name to keep on the radar: Max Melton, the brother of Packers wide receiver Bo Melton, looked great too. He put out some great tape while at Rutgers and he looked great while performing at the NFL Combine. He had an 11’4″ broad jump (leading all corners), a 40.5″ vertical, and he ran 4.39 40-yard dash. His RAS score was 9.65. A fantastic day for Max Melton.

nfl combine max melton ras


Calen Bullock and Javon Bullard both had great days. Both guys ran well, Bullock with a 4.48 while Bullard with a 4.47. They both performed well in the drills and both of them checked all of the boxes that they were supposed to. However, neither one of these two did enough tests to qualify for a RAS score yet, so there is still a lot to be determined.

The winner of the draft from the safety position has to be Dadrion Taylor-Demerson. Taylor-Demerson has a RAS score of 8.91. He ran the fastest safety time in the 40-yard dash with a 4.41. He did excellent in the on-field drills, at one point making an outrageously athletic catch off the top of his shoelaces while falling toward the ground. PFF has him ranked as the 114th on their big board, but I expect him to move up boards following his performance at the Combine.

Off-Ball Linebacker

nfl combine payton wilson

Two guys really stood out amongst the rest at the off-ball linebacker position. These two just so happen to be the top two ranked linebackers according to PFF. And those two are Payton Wilson and Edgerrin Cooper. These two constantly showed up throughout all of the drills and performed well. Payton Wilson is an athletic phenomenon at linebacker. He ran a 4.43 40-yard dash at 233lbs. The Packers would more than likely have to draft Wilson in the first round if they want him, but Cooper could be available in the second.

Payton Wilson’s RAS score was 9.81, while Edgerrin Cooper’s was 9.34 – both of which are definitely in the Packer’s wheelhouse for prospects.

NFL Combine: Running Backs

Trey Benson came to the NFL Combine seeking to look every bit like the athlete he appears to be on tape, and he did just that. His RAS was 9.77 and with him being PFF’s 134-ranked prospect, he could very well be a Packer come April.

Another running back to keep your eye on is Blake Corum. He was average in all of the athletic testing and was able to only muster a 5.80 RAS. However, in the drills, he looked masterful and fluid. Corum will turn 24 during the regular season. Will his age and low RAS keep him off of the Packers’ draft board? We will have to wait to find out.

Isaac Guerendo is the last running back I’d like to mention. He was an athletic beast at the NFL Combine. He ran a 4.33 40-yard dash and had a RAS of 9.99 out of 10. With him having shared carries during his time at Louisville, he could have a ton of tread left on the tires and room to grow at the running back position. The one problem with Guerendo is that he will turn 24 prior to the start of the NFL season.

Honorable Mention

The wide receiver position is not a position of need for the Packers. Now, in my bold prediction article, I predicted that they would still draft a wide receiver. So, when we see a wide receiver set a NFL Combine record for the 40-yard dash with a blazing 4.21, one has to imagine that kind of speed on their team. So my honorable mention is Xavier Worthy at wide receiver. He has pure speed and is quite the athlete. His RAS is a 9.37. Everybody is gonna want this guy. The only knock on him is that he only weighs 165lbs.

Once the offensive linemen finish their drills on Sunday, that’ll do it for the NFL Combine. Next week, the NFL Free Agency period will start with the negotiating period opening on March 11th. Stick around for more Packers content.

Go Pack Go!


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