Jordan Love ended his first season as the Packers’ starter strongly. He ranked as the top-graded quarterback from week 12 onward. Love made 37 big-time throws and only 18 turnover-worthy plays. Despite a young receiving group, he was second in passing touchdowns and seventh in passing yards.

Love’s 2023 season saw him earn a top 10 PFF passing grade. He ranked in the top 5 for big-time throws overall and under pressure, and led the league in big-time throws against the blitz. Moreover, Love was among the top six quarterbacks in generating first downs.

In addition, Jordan Love ranked as the 11th quarterback with the most rushing yards last season, tallying four touchdowns on the ground. He also had the fourth-longest rush among quarterbacks.

Love, like the rest Packers’ offense, faced struggles early in the season despite strong performances against the Bears, Falcons, and leading a 17-point comeback against the Saints. His PFF passing grade was 62.9 in the first 9 weeks of 2023. However, he significantly improved in the second half of the year, finishing as a top 10 quarterback.

What should Packers fans anticipate from him in 2024?

Expect Jordan Love to stay consistently strong all season, as he’s matured and his teammates are more familiar with Matt LaFleur’s system. Dontayvion Wicks, Jayden Reed, Tucker Kraft, and Luke Musgrave should step up their game with a year under their belts in the system.

Packers fans can expect Love to reach the 4000 passing yard mark again and throw at least 30 touchdowns. Additionally, with defenses likely to load the box more against Josh Jacobs, Love should find ample opportunities on zone reads.

In 2024, Green Bay and Jordan Love face higher expectations. If Love maintains his second-half 2023 form throughout the season, the Packers could emerge as a Super Bowl contender.