Today is the day! It is draft day! The Green Bay Packers hope to select their future franchise player tonight. There is a lot of excitement going around. After all, this has been the main talking for the past month. Today, I am going to provide a few tips to enjoy the draft because after all, there is no telling what will happen. Let’s dive into the Packers Draft!

The Packers Draft is always an exciting one. At the moment, the Packers are scheduled to draft in the first round at pick number 25. Green Bay has a total of 11 draft picks. However, since Brian Gutekunst became the Packers General Manager in 2018, the Packers draft position has changed multiple times. This brings me to the first tip – fluidity and flexibility.

Packers Draft Tip #1 – Fluidity and Flexibility

Packers Draft Christian Watson

The days of Ted Thompson methodically working his way through the NFL offseason are long gone. Gutekunst has certainly proven over the years that he will make team decisions that generate buzz. On draft night, he has shown the willingness to trade draft picks if the value is there. The first tip for Packer fans is to be fluid and flexible over the next three days.

The Packers may very well hang tight at pick #25. However, with 11 total draft picks, there is plenty of value for Gutekunst to trade up. On a counter point, every year teams attempt to trade back into the first round. If the Packers receive an offer with great value such as high day 2 and/or day 3 picks, do not be shocked if Gutekunst trades back.

There are several examples of the Packers trading up and trading down in recent years. In 2018, Gutekunst made two trades in the first round ultimately landing CB Jaire Alexander. In 2020, the Packers traded up for QB Jordan Love as well. One year ago, the Packers traded back twice in the second round to select WR Jayden Reed. Expect the unexpected and trust Gutekunst!

Packers Draft Tip #2 – Trust Gutekunst and Co

Packers Draft

It easy when the pick is announced to say, “Who is that? What is this pick?”. Especially after all the expert’s mock drafts and all the rumors, it is easy to get stuck on a particular player or position of need. The key detail to remember is Brian Gutekunst and his staff have spent months, possibly a full year, preparing for the 2024 Packers draft. Tip #2 is to trust Gutekunst and his staff.

His scouting team has spent several days on the road and visited hundreds of universities. They have watched countless hours of film. Gutekunst and the Packers scouts have met with hundreds of players. As fans, it is easy to sit on the couch and think we know all of the solutions and answers. However, Gutekunst and his staff are prepared for this moment. Their work is done and they know what to do.

At this point in his career, Gutekunst deserves the fans’ trust. He has done a solid job of constructing winning football teams, especially through the draft. He is not perfect but overall, he has been successful in the draft. Remember to let this staff do their jobs and trust the process! It will take time to determine if the pick is a success or not. Hold the judgement and trust the GM. Time will tell if the pick is right.

Packers Draft Tip #3 – Have Fun!

Packers Draft - Have Fun!

The third and final tip to this year’s Packers draft is to have fun! The best way to enjoy the draft is to have a good time. Grab your favorite beverage of choice, order your favorite meal, watch with friends and family, and do whatever you enjoy! This is an opportunity to get excited about the future of the Green Bay Packers. It is a chance to look forward to the upcoming season.

No matter who the Packers draft, remember to be excited for that player. Even if the pick is not the right one in your personal opinion, be happy for the players the Packers draft. Their lifelong dream is coming true. Welcome them to Green Bay. Show them how great it is to be apart of Packers nation. Have fun and enjoy the ride Packer fans because the Green Bay Packers will be a better, more exciting team after this draft.