The Green Bay Packers have a lot of optimism and hopes for the upcoming season. The team and the fans have every right to be excited. The Packers overachieved last year. The Packers have the highest roster return rate with 81.8% of the 2023 roster returning in 2024. The team appears to have filled the holes on the roster through the draft and free agency. Despite all of this, the Packers still need to address a glaring concern. Green Bay lost several winnable games in 2023 due to self-inflicted mistakes. The fastest way to lose a game in the NFL is to make mistakes, especially in critical moments.

This concern reared its ugly head at the worst time in 2023. It is no secret that the Packers made too many mistakes in the Divisional Playoff game against San Francisco. The Packers were one less mistake away from winning that game. Darnell Savage dropped a INT, most likely a pick six. Carlson missed a critical field goal in the 4th Quarter. The offense failed to convert a 4th down in the rezone just to name a few. Mistakes were costly in several losses – the Giants, the Raiders, the Broncos, etc.

It is no secret that the Packers’ roster is loaded with playmakers. This is the exact reason why reducing self-inflicted mistakes and being more opportunistic in 2024 should be a primary focus of improvement for LaFleur’s team. It is interesting how often the result of a game comes down to a particular play or two. If that play goes one way, one team wins. If it goes the other, the opposing team wins.

Packers Maturity Will Improve Overall Focus

Packers Kicker misses field goal

In 2023, the Green Bay Packers were the youngest team in the NFL. Despite that, the team still won a playoff game. However, especially in the first half of the season, the Packers certainly displayed characteristics of a young team. Wide receivers ran the wrong routes. The offensive line was not in sync. Even, Jordan Love made foolish mistakes. However, in the second half, the number of mental errors declined and that is encouraging.

It is a fair expectation that these kinds of mistakes will occur less frequently in 2024. The majority of the team, especially the Packers key contributors, have at least a season or more under their belt now. All that being said, LaFleur and his staff need to preach to the team that focus and attention to detail is the key to success in this league. This emphasis is more important than ever with the installment of a new defensive scheme. In order for Jeff Hafley’s plan to be successful, his players must fully embrace this focused approach.

The Packers have the talent to be a dangerous team this upcoming season. It is important to remember that talent does not automatically equal success. Focus and attention to detail in the NFL is really what wins football games. The Packers will be a very competitive team. If they can limit self-inflicted wounds and seize opportunities, there is no doubt the Packers can be a serious contender in 2024.