The upcoming 2024 season could prove pivotal for some Green Bay Packers players. In years, team manager Brian Gutekunst has not hesitated to trade or release high-profile players such as Aaron Rodgers, David Bakhtiari, and Davante Adams. Here are five players who could be facing their last seasons with the Packers.

Eric Stokes (CB)

Eric Stokes, a first-round draft pick finds himself in an awkward position after the Packers opted not to exercise his fifth-year option. Despite not bringing in replacements through the draft, the team missed out on promising talents Terrion Arnold and Cooper DeJean. While Stokes showed promise in his rookie year, he has been plagued by injuries, managing only 12 games over the two seasons. He will need an improved performance under new defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley to secure his place on the team. Remember NFL is one of the many sporting markets you can find on the Betway app under NFL betting.

Kenny Clark (DL)

Kenny Clark faces an uncertain future as he nears free agency in 2025. Despite earning three Pro Bowl selections and achieving a career 7.5 sacks in 2023, Clark remains a player for the Packers.

However, the team is considering managing Jordan Love’s contract and the arrival of new talent which could lead to Clark being replaced in the 2025 NFL Draft if re-signing him becomes too costly.

Preston Smith (EDGE)

At 32 years old Preston Smith is currently the player on the Packers roster facing a crucial season ahead. With younger talents like Rashan Gary and round pick Lukas Van Ness emerging, Smith’s $17 million cap hit for next year could pose a challenge.

The Packers might free up $8 million by letting go of Smith if the younger players are prepared to step into his role.

Jaire Alexander (CB)

Jaire Alexander could potentially be a cut or trade option after the 2024 season depending on how he performs. Alexander has struggled with injuries for several seasons and even faced a suspension for a game last season. Despite being considered one of the best cornerbacks in the league when he’s in shape, there appears to be some concern that his standing within the team may be diminishing. A strong showing in the 2024 season will play a role in determining his future with the Packers as they will be ranked among the favorites in Betway NFL betting.

Royce Newman and Andre Dillard (OL)

As for Royce Newman and Andre Dillard on the line, their positions are uncertain. Newman had a rocky start as a rookie and was replaced last year. He will struggle to secure a spot on the 53-man roster, and releasing him could save the Packers over $3 million making it likely that he’ll be let go.

On the other hand, former first-round pick Andre Dillard presents a risk-high reward opportunity. However, competition from players like Rasheed Walker, Jordan Morgan, and Zach Tom could give Dillard one more season to prove himself.

The upcoming 2024 season will certainly be crucial for these players as they strive to solidify their positions with the Packers amidst a backdrop of team adjustments and soaring hopes. NFL fans can bet on all games for the 2024/25 season on Betway.