It’s been the way for the Packers for a while when it comes to Quarterback position.

You might wonder why the Packers have been so successful for so long?

The front office, the coaching, the players?

Yes to all of those.

But if you really want to look back in Packers history, one man started a trend here in Green Bay.

And he made it a point to make the Quarterback the most important position on the team.

The man with the QB plan

You can call Ron Wolf the architect or the grandfather of this trend or plan.

Wolf arrived in Green Bay and saw a team desperate to get back to their championship ways.

When Wolf took over as General Manager in 1991, the Packers only had 2 seasons where the team made the playoffs.

He also saw a team that went through a whose who of QB’s in the 1970’s and 80’s.

In fact after Bart Starr retired as a player, the Packers had 2 QB’s that made the Pro Bowl, Lynn Dickey and Don Majikowski.

What Wolf realized was to win a championship, there must be stabilization at the QB position and not a QB carousel.

The first move

One of the first moves Wolf made was getting a offensive minded head coach who could develop QB’s.

Insert Mike Holmgren, who had success who the likes of Joe Montana, Steve Young and even Steve Bono.

Wolf wasn’t finished yet though as he still had to find QB.

He didn’t have to search far as he eyed a QB he wanted the previous year when he was working the front office for the Jets.

But it is was he did that was gutsy.

He traded a first round draft pick for an unproven backup QB, riding the bench in Atlanta.

Wolf knew the capabilities Brett Favre had and in turn did everything he could to get him.

Building the team

Wolf built a team with those two moves.

Along with signing some key Free Agents the Packers went on to be one of the most successful teams in the 1990’s.

They made the playoffs from 1993-1998.

Add in 3 straight Division titles and NFC championship appearances, along with a Super Bowl title.

All that, because Ron Wolf knew that in order to be successful, you need a Quarterback to lead the team.


Since 1991 the Packers have had 4 losing seasons.

The key being the stability at the Quarterback position.

From Favre to Rodgers to the current QB Jordan Love, the Packers have shown that constantly at the position is key.

There are teams out there that have gone through so much change at the position but cannot find success on the field.

For the Packers and the front office, they know the bule print or what is know as the “Packer Way’.


Hau Khuong has been a Packers fan since 1996. He currently works as a video editor in Green Bay and writes for and you can follow him on twitter at @HauKhuongSports.