The Packers defense will have a completely new look heading into the 2024 season.

Aside from switching over from the 3-4 to a 4-3 defense, new defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley is bringing a new philosophy to the Packers defense.

Hafley says the new defense will attack and be more aggressive when it comes to blitzing and pressuring the QB.

For the Packers, that is the complete opposite from what they used to be on the defensive side.

You could say that there is a new attitude when it comes to the defense.

What the Packers defense used to be

The defense wasn’t not very aggressive when it came to blitzing the QB.

The defense relied on the edge rushers and 3 down lineman to get pressure on the QB.

They were also not very aggressive when it came to jamming WRs off the line.

Most of the time the secondary was playing a zone defense, which at times confused the secondary.

While the defensive philosophy work at times, the Packers defensively played scared.

You had players playing a scheme that didn’t seem to fit them.

That in-turn, resulted in frustration from players and leaders on defense.

Whats new?

Other than the new 4-3 defense, Hafleys defense seems to suite players defensively.

It seems like players are already taking a liking to Hafley and are excited for his defense.

New positions for Smith and Gary

One thing we won’t see is Preston Smith in coverage against the opposing teams #1 receiver.

Instead we’ll see Smith as a down lineman in the new 4-3 defense.

Along with Rashan Gary, we’ll see both in the defensive end position rushing the QB.

It will be a slight adjustment for Smith and Gary but the position change will suit both.

Both specialize in getting to the QB and both can play the defensive end position.

Attacking secondary

Hafley has previous experience coaching in the secondary through his days as a assistant.

That experience will help with the Packers secondary which struggled in former defensive coordinator Joe Barry’s zone defense.

Hafley style in the secondary is physical meaning more bump and run coverage.

That mean means more disrupting the WR route and throwing off the QB’s timing.

Packers CB Jaire Alexander will thrive in that scheme as he is one of the best in being physical in his coverage.

This will also benefit former first round draft pick Eric Stokes and 2023 draft pick Carrington Valentine.

Along with new safety Xavier McKinney, the Packers secondary looking to be a force in 2024.


Hafley uses the word “attack” a lot when describing his defense.

For the Packers linebackers, that is music to their ears.

Quay Walker will leader the way as the Packers middle linebacker, communicating with the weak and strong side linebackers.

Along with Walker, new draftee Edgerrin Cooper will add a different dimension that the Packers have not seen at linebacker in a while.

They’ll both bring speed and will attack the offense when needed.

Isaiah McDuffie will round out the Linebacker core.

Look for a lot of plays from them in 2024.


Although there is a new defensive scheme and coordinator, there is a lot of optimism surround the Packers defense in 2024.

Some say that this is the missing piece that is needed for the Packers.

For years the Packers have had great offense and didn’t have the defense to match it.

Hafley’s philosophy has fired up fans and others around the league.

On paper, this defense looks dominant but only time will tell how this defense looks on the field.