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  1. Packers’ Wide Receiver Problems Can Be Solved Internally – Sorry, but that right there is keeping this football team out of the Superbowl. Can we keep drafting and developing? Sure, but as illustrated last season, overall this teams cast of characters minus one star receiver is horrific. For fans to continue to beat the Travis Jervey… ah.. um, I mean Jeff Janis drum as the saving grace of the receiving group, or to pretend that Davante Adams is special, is simply stated ridiculous. Furthermore, the entire group lacks team speed. Very Very generic group outside of Nelson, and this team is yet again, one injury away from mediocrity and losing football. Also, this GM needs to pull his head and draft a real TE already, this is plain ridiculous at this point.

    1. I could not have put it more eloquently !!!!!! Finally, TheVor is a REAL Packer fan…….instead of this imaginary fantasy Packer fans out there that think the Packer receiving corps is great…..OMG…..another pathetic year of 2016 all set for FAILURE.
      Get Aaron Rogers some freaking weapons !!!!!!!!!!!! Use every pick on offense if you have to ………this is freaking ridiculous and the biggest factor is putting Edgar Bennett back as WR Corp Coach………he pays attention to detail.

  2. Packers’ Wide Receiver Problems Can Be Solved Internally – Sorry, but that right there is keeping this football team out of the Superbowl……..I agree with TheVOR….Seriously.
    1. James Jones should be kept on the team…890 yards 8 TD’s..cut Abbredaris
    2. Jordy Nelson – Sure great if he come back and doesn’t get hurt again
    3. Davante Adams- Can’t catch a cold
    4. Jeff Janis can’t find his routes unless he has a chauffer
    5. Ty Montomery….really..I mean Boykin was suppose to be so great….gone and Davante Adams had a solid 500 yard season last year…..ug he sucked..
    6. Randall Cobb – Double team him and he is no better than a 3rd wideout
    7. Tight Ends- Richard Rogers “Slow As Dirt”
    Come on people I’m really getting SICK of the Packers coaches and announcers and reporters telling me how GREAT are receiving corps is…SORRY THEY ALL SUCK!!!!!!! GET IT THRU YOUR THICK SKULLS AND DRAFT SOME OFFENSIVE WEAPONS……
    8. Don’t even get me started on Eddie Lacy …Fat Lub of Tard…..

    1. Lol?Are you an NFL scout or coach? If not….shush! GB has one of the best run teams in all of pro sports. You’re a fan with no expertise. Defer to those that do, be patient, and enjoy the show. GB had a top 3 offense in 2014. Same receivers except Monty & Abby. So…. your argument makes no sense. The problem this year was everyone was injured including the entire O line, Rodgers, & Nelson. Lacy ballooned to 260 lbs and #12 got sacked 50 + times! The WR’s are certainly good enough if they can remain healthy. Lol.

      1. Only problem dude, in the NFL, you can’t point backwards and say things like, well, in 2014 we were great? Who really gives a drag, all that matters is what you did last year, and are we advancing, or declining. The Franchise is clearly in decline, not moving forward, and shows signs of a downward spiral. You don’t have to be scout to follow football, and understand it at a level that exceeds most media pundits, and yes, even scouts. When you watch a GM screw his franchise over by not being able to find blue chip football players in the gravy 1st round of the draft, then your franchise will decline, and has been slowly declining since SB XLV. Or, in one line – What have you done for me lately?

        1. GB is not close to being in decline! They are once again a pre-season favorite to with the SB. They have one of the easiest schedules I have seen for 2016. Last year’s draft class was very good. Rodgers is still in his prime. You can’t win a SB if you don’t make the playoffs. Many great players play for 15-20 years and don’t manage to get to the SB, never mind winning it. The Packers will be fine. I think you have a bad case of “of season blues” man. The great majority of NFL teams would kill to be the Packers, trust me. The only stronger pre-season teams at this moment are the Patriots & Carolina. Pretty good company if you ask me. Let’s sign Forte’ or Lamar Miller, in addition to Trevathan or a stud ILB in the draft. Get the O line healthy and this team is a monster! Defense is already our best since 2010. Arrow definitely pointing up bro.

  3. Personally I think you left out the MOST IMPORTANT part of the Packers WR Group this past season, they DIDN’T have a true WR Coach. ! The fact that McCarthy still hasn’t done a thing to resolve this issue is mind boggling. Another is the Packers coaching staff as a whole is Top Heavy. To many Chiefs and not enough Indians if you will.

    We’ve seen McCarthy keep coaches to long because of friendships (Slocum). They should have brought back Philibin as an OC but they didn’t and MM has a bit of a problem. Bennett as WR coach would be best for the team but will he take a demotion? The game plains this year we’re terrible, teams knew exactly what play was coming at certain points in the game. That falls on Bennetts game planning.

    Clements is at best a QB coach, he’s completely failed as a play caller. TWICE! Now he’s an Asst. Head Coach. WTF for??? Problem now is Rodgers will pout the second he’s removed from the staff if that’s what happened. Leave him as a QB’s Asst. HC and get him out of the way other than that.

    That leaves Van Pelt as the odd man out. Because he’s still there I doubt he goes anywhere so I have no idea what to do with him. Can he coach WR’s if Bennett doesn’t? Personally with the way they performed under him last year I wouldn’t let him NEAR them.

    Packers fans are getting impatient under the TT/MM regime, at least I am and I know many, many others. I’m sick of the notion winning the North and making the Playoffs as a success. Maybe before but not now, not with one SB birth in 11 years with Favre and Rodgers. Thompson IMO has cost the Packers at least one maybe two SB’s. Just think back to training camp of 2014. Owen Daniels comes for a visit and leaves without a contract, Thompson prefers to stick with Bosticks “Potential” instead of signing a REAL TE. Bostick is the final straw that breaks the Packers in the last 5:17 of that game in Seattle. Daniels has went on to have 2 decent seasons in Denver and caught both TD’s in the AFC Championship game and won a SB. Richard Rodgers is still as slow as paint drying and about as fun to watch. Bostick? Who Cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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