At this point, the only thing one can say about Greg Jennings is one word.


Why is Greg Jennings acting the way he has for the past nine months?

Since the moment he put his house in Green Bay on the market after the 2012 season ended, Jennings has done just about everything to piss off Packers fans except telling them to go F themselves.

He has trashed Aaron Rodgers on more than one occasion.

He has said he was “brainwashed” by the Packers organization.

And now, when it didn’t seem like he could go any lower, he apparently did:


Classy Greg. Real classy.
Classy Greg. Real classy.


Way to keep it classy Greg.

And all of this from the same person who gave the green and gold a seemingly heartfelt farewell:


Looks like we were the ones who were brainwashed
Looks like we were the ones who were brainwashed


It is sad to see someone who many once proudly wore the jersey of while he was still a Packer continuously find new ways to shit all over his former team, further alienating him from the Packer fan base forever.

The signing of the autograph was the final straw.

There was no need for this action. None. Not even if a Vikings fan asked Jennings to sign it the way he did.

He could have kept it classy. But it seems as though class is something Jennings exchanged millions of dollars for when he headed up north.

Memories are all that is left of Greg Jennings these days. His rejoicing on the sidelines as the Packers won Super Bowl XLV is some of the best footage of what becoming a champion is like. But it is his recent actions that are leaving the lasting memories in the minds of the Packers fans, and that is truly depressing

The time has come to move on from Mr. Jennings and his repeated  jabs at the Packers. It’s just not worth it. There is a certain team which resides in Northeast Wisconsin which deserves our full attention right now.

The next time Jennings name should be mentioned is when his stat line is an embarrassment after the Packers beat the Vikings next month. Maybe then he will realize the damage he has caused to his reputation in Wisconsin….maybe.



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