Being a “Dark Horse” in Green Bay is Nothing New

I love when the NFL playoffs start off the new year, not because we got a few classic games like Philadelphia and Chicago gave us or the blend of “hot takes” that television shows on ESPN or FS1 throw at its audience. No, no it is the head coaching vacancies in the NFL. Ranging from […]


Green Bay Packers Chotskies & Shotskis

During the Packer’s bye week this past Sunday did you take time and get yourself caught up on projects around your house? Nope. Me neither; I watched football. Hail Mary’s tackled short of the end zone evidenced that we’ll need to buckle up for the rest of the season. As gift giving occasions approach us, […]


Green Bay Packers: Big Chill

My husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary tailgating with friends this past Monday.  We arrived at 2 pm to an alive parking lot; a group to our right was already playing flip cup and Frisbee. Forty degrees and windy, it was chilly, almost too chilly for the bubble machine. With bubbles filling the parking […]


Green Bay Packers Week One: Chicago Dogs

The first Packer game I attended at Lambeau was versus the Bears in 2002. I saved $500 for two tickets, a bus ride to and from Dubuque, IA, and a free tailgate. My boyfriend at the time opted out, so I went with a friend. Despite that fact, I ended up marrying the same guy […]


Green Bay Packers Preseason In My Feelings

It was both tears spent on Brett Favre ten years ago and my co-worker Tom’s reassurance during that time that has helped me grow into the fan I am today. “No player is above the G” Tom has said. I’ll admit, since March 2018 I’ve been slightly annoyed each time someone questions “How I feel […]


Packer Talk for your 4th of July Picnic

Packer Talk for your 4th of July Picnic Sometimes picnics with your family and friends can become a bit awkward.  There’s always an encounter with a family member that gets under your skin for various reasons or a random family friend that bends your ear about their life and all you can do is smile […]

Rodgers Opt-Out Clause Demand No Cause For Concern

The drama around Aaron Rodgers contract extension negotiations has taken another twist. In reports over the weekend, Rodgers and his agent have asked for an opt-out clause to be included in the contract language. Give Rodgers and his agent credit, they could essentially ask for the moon from the Packers and get it because of […]