2018 Green Bay Packers Position Breakdown: Tight End

Tight End will be the most veteran of the position groupings for the Green Bay Packers entering the 2018 season. With the top three players on the depth chart made up of two free agents and a guy in his second year on the team, it will be crucial to develop an early rapport with […]


The Packers War Room: Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

The Packers War Room is back with more news on the Packers biggest offseason since the summer of Favre. They begin the show discussing the addition of Jimmy Graham, Tramon Williams and Muhammad Wilkerson. The guys discuss what they’ll mean to the 2018 version of the Packers Following that they discuss the departure of Morgan […]


Packers need an upgrade at tight end

Is the third time the charm for finding the right tight end in free agency? There is no question that the Packers have lacked a quality receiving TE since Jermichael Finley’s departure following a career-ending neck injury in 2013. Since then they have lacked a true Joker style tight end that excel more as beefed […]

Packers in the Most Danger of Being Cut

When a team that expects to make the playoffs every season is not playing in January, the entire organization tends to be put on ice. For the Packers, it started with a major overhaul in the front office, but before long it will trickle down into the locker room. With so many positions on the […]


All Systems Are Go for Packers Sunday

Time goes by faster the older you get, except for the time takes to get through the NFL offseason. Let’s play some damn ball already! The Packers drew a worthy contender at home in Week 1 in the Seattle Seahawks. Though the Seahawks are not the machine they were a few years back, their name […]


New TEs Bring Promise. And Screw Seattle

Let us look way back yonder. The year was 2003. Times were simpler. Cell phones could make calls and text, little more. No Facespace or Tweeter, or whatever they are called, existed yet on the interweb. Men and women courted each other through an ancient art called talking face-to-face. And finally, the Green Bay Packers […]


2017 Green Bay Packers: Tight Ends and Fullbacks

Tight End and Fullback are more-or-less interchangeable in the Packer’s scheme, and the players who will sit atop the depth chart for next season appear to be largely set. At Tight End, Martellus Bennett is one of the best in the entire league. He will give Aaron Rodgers a safety net, and a player he […]