Aaron Rodgers deserves transparency from “organization”

After leading the Packers to the Super Bowl XVL title as an MVP, the Packers need to be more transparent with Aaron Rodgers.
After leading the Packers to the Super Bowl XVL title as an MVP, the Packers need to be more transparent with Aaron Rodgers.

Apparently Mike McCarthy has learned something from last week.

This past week he gave Aaron Rodgers a lion’s share of reps for a guy that wasn’t going to play. Of course, McCarthy’s argument is that Rodgers wasn’t ruled out for Sunday’s game until Friday. But if you truly believe that, then you are also the few that believe that the “organizational” decision came straight from Dr. Pat McKenzie and not from Ted Thompson or McCarthy.

This whole situation has been fumbled from the beginning. If the Packers really didn’t have any intention of playing Rodgers, which is what I believe, why take the unnecessary reps in practice? McCarthy knew that Rodgers wasn’t going to play against the Steelers on Tuesday so why wait until Friday as Rodgers continues to stew about being waffled over.

But now McCarthy has said that he will make a decision much sooner.

“This is something clearly, after seeing Aaron practice for two weeks, this is something Ted Thompson and I need to sit down and we need to assess all the information and decide if it’s time for him to play,” McCarthy said. “Aaron wants to play, has wanted to play for the last couple of weeks.

“(He) fully accepts, understands everything going on with his injury. This is really a decision for Ted Thompson and I, representing the organization. That’s how it works.”

So apparently the “organization” is Thompson and McCarthy. That sure has to make the Packers’ second consecutive Hall of Fame quarterback feel awfully trustworthy of the “organization” that he plays for.

Who is Rodgers’ supposed to believe? Is it McCarthy, who has been filling up notebooks and sound bites with so much double talk over the last seven weeks that the broken left collarbone has turned into a national circus? Or is it Thompson, who has his eyes affixed to Rodgers’ contract, a piece of paper that doesn’t expire until 2020?

Rodgers has said time and time again that he is completely able to play. His mind and body are right to strap on his No. 12 jersey. Yet it’s the “organization” that is not only limiting his chances to prove himself but also limiting the rest of the team’s chances of advancing to the playoffs and/or making a deep postseason run.

Let’s call a spade a spade. The Packers got lucky when Rodgers fell into their lap with the 24th pick in 2005. They knew he was going to be good, but even they didn’t think that in eight years he would be so important for success that the Rodgers Watch has spiraled this far off the tracks.

Yet, instead of stomping out the swelling controversy, the Packers continued to fuel the flames with indecision, indirectness and ineptitude.

I’m not saying the Packers should make him available tomorrow, all I’m saying is the Packers should be a little more transparent. And I’m not talking about being transparent to the fans or media.

No, I’m talking about being transparent to the guy that matters most: Aaron Rodgers.

After being sacked 220 times as a starter, I think he’s earned the right for a little honesty from the organization he won a Super Bowl for.


Cory Jennerjohn is from Wisconsin and has been in sports media for over 10 years. To contact Cory e-mail him at jeobs -at- yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter: Cory Jennerjohn



4 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers deserves transparency from “organization”

  1. Starting out with a false assumption doesn’t improve the quality of your posts. And who else would you think “the organization” is besides the GM and HC? By the way, AR wanted MM to say it was a organizational decision. Given that like most teams they don’t want to give opponents an advantage in prep, your response is to be pissed as a fan. Pathetic.

  2. One of the best lines from “Unforgiven” is “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.”

    I keep hearing fellow packer fans make these same arguments, but I still don’t hear “why”. Why should starters be announced on a Tuesday? If this were Tom Brady, would Belichek be telling an opponent what they should be preparing for? Wouldn’t you say Brady “deserves” to be kowtowed even more than Rodgers? You do understand that taking reps in practice and getting walloped by a 330 lb DT are two completely different things to a fractured bone? Why be so obtuse about this? When did Packer fans become so petulant and whiny? Why do we need to know who’s starting in 5 days? Are your plans dependent upon it? Is this actually about fantasy football? It’s embarrassing to me as a Packer fan to see my allegedly informed brethren behave like run-of-the-mill ignorant charger or dolphin fans. We should understand the games that go on outside the game. And we should encourage our team to strategically gain every advantage possible. And for Pete’s sake so should Rodgers. He needs to grow a pair and wait this out. I’m disappointed in his attempt at image control via the media here. It’s very Favrian actually (post MVP years). What’s next, TT announcing his draftboard in February? Because fans “deserve” to be notified in advance?

    I honestly don’t mean to offend any fellow Packer fans, and I suppose it could be taken that way. It’s just that this crusade for controversy is so irrational and potentially destructive to the organization that I wish everyone would take a deep breath and try to answer the question “why?” A Packer nation divided cannot stand!

  3. Did either of you guys even read this? I specifically mentioned that the Packers shouldn’t be more transparent on the fans or media behalf. They should be transparent on their franchise quarterback’s behalf.

    Every week Rodgers has had to sit and wait and field questions that he cannot answer. More often than not, Rodgers has deferred to Mike McCarthy who has found a way to put the company spin on it.

    And they also need to be mindful of Matt Flynn as well. How much do you think he can get done when he’s not getting the full No. 1 reps?

    Horse, your argument about not giving an opponent an advantage in preparation is pretty flimsy. It’s the second half of the season. Teams should have a pretty good idea what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are.

    This whole charade has been disrespectful to Rodgers. Why string him along and have him answer questions about coming back when the brain trust never wanted that to happen in the first place?

    The fact that you guys are struggling realizing that is surprising and to use taco’s line, “obtuse.” I could care less what fantasy football owners or fans for that matter think about this. This should be between an organization and its franchise quarterback. Unfortunately, the organization hasn’t been the best at communicating its position to its franchise quarterback.

  4. I just don’t see any disrespect or lack of transparency to Rodgers. He’s being treated the same as every other injured player on the roster that has a chance to return. That will be when the x-rays show a healed bone. He wants to play but his body isn’t ready. Just cuz he wants to doesn’t mean he can–or should. I don’t buy into the conspiracy theory that the organization heads have already made up their minds about shutting him down. That would be crazy with a playoff spot on the line against our oldest rivals in what will be the a game for the ages. Rodgers is not a victim of anything but bad luck and we shouldn’t coddle his ego. He’s unnecessarily insecure about his durability and image. He needs to stop blaming other people. Next step on that slippery slope is giving him his own locker room. We’ve been down that road before and this is how we got there.

    I don’t think Horse’s argument about preparation is flimsy. It’s valid. Big difference between preparing for Flynn vs Rodgers. Totally different game plan to implement, even at this point in the season.

    All that said, I hope Rodgers plays and dominates like we all know he can. It’s bear’s week dammit!

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