“Last Day at Lambeau” Now Available Online

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  1. Ross Uglem

    I loved the film. I really did. The only thing that bothered me about the film is how it ended. It didn’t end with the fan base’s ultimate triupmh. Super Bowl XLV! A HUGE part of me getting to where I am today as far as forgiving Brett Favre happened the moment Tramon Williams knocked down that pass and we won! All of a sudden I wasn’t mad any more. I wasn’t mad at 4th and 26, I wasn’t mad at Michael Vick, I wasn’t mad at the 07 NFC Championship game and most importantly I wasn’t mad at Favre. Maybe I’m being selfish and that’s my own personal experience and other Packers fans didn’t feel that same sense of joy and relief. The culmination of the “Beating Favre” season ended in a SUPER BOWL VICTORY. There’s footage of kids riding around with Super Bowl XLV stuff on so I know that timing wasn’t the issue.

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