Let’s All Hope For No Weirdness During Packers Family Night

Let me get this out of the way right now.

I have never been a fan of the Packers Family Night scrimmage. Somehow, the idea of paying  money to buy a ticket to sit in Lambeau Field and watch a walkthrough scrimmage without tackling has never appealed to me.

Some will say that it allows people who don’t have the means to go to a game the ability to sit in the stands and watch the Packers practice. I get that, and have always countered back with Training Camp practices are free and open to the public. And, as an added bonus, there is actually tackling, something that does not happen during Family Night.

So what is so appealing about Family Night? The fireworks at the end? Thanks, but if I was around Lambeau Field I could always look up in the sky and see them from a backyard, park, or even a parking lot for free.

Because of this disconnect between Family Night and my own personal beliefs, I was excited to hear about the changes being made to Family Night for this year. For the first time, this night would not serve as a scrimmage. This would be an actual practice, complete with tackling.

Similar to previous years, tickets will need to be purchased to attend the festivities. Again, this is something that I do not understand. Paying money to watch a practice when they are free across the street at Ray Nitschke Field throughout August is something that escapes me.

The fact that there will be actual tackling should be a welcome sight. Fans should love hearing the crack of the pads even if Ted Thompson does not. Seeing their favorite players going full speed in front of a packed Lambeau Field should be enough to get all 90 player’s adrenaline pumping at a good pace.

The scary thing about making this a practice is weird things have been known to happen at the Packers Family Night when it was nothing more than a scrimmage, without tackling.

Weird things like it always seemed to rain like it was monsoon season. Or having your newly appointed left tackle tear his ACL, thus ending his season. Or fans booing their starting QB while their former one is watching from within Lambeau Field.

Weird things happen during the Packers Family Night. Like clockwork, every year, something happens at this event which will have implications on the season.

While the appeal of Family Night might escape me, it does not have to escape everyone. To many, this is the only time they may be able to visit Lambeau Field during the year. Family Night does provide a relatively cheap way to experience all of the sights and sounds of gameday in Green Bay. Let’s all hope that this is all that is seen during this year’s event, and none of the weirdness that has plagued this night in previous years.


John Rehor is a writer at PackersTalk.com.

He can also be heard as one of the Co-Hosts of Cheesehead Radio.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s All Hope For No Weirdness During Packers Family Night

  1. My theory on charging for tickets is that its in a effort to cover cost. They have to have a lot more stadium staff on hand, fireworks aren’t cheap, etc. They probably don’t make enough from concessions to also cover overhead of having 50K+ people in the stadium.

    1. That’s very possible. Never really considered that. But I still don’t believe in paying to watch them practice. Just not for me, but I won’t make any negative comments about those who choose to attend this event either.

  2. My problem with their arguments for Family Night is this: They make $10.00 tickets available so the person who cannot afford or see a regular game inside the Lambeau confines can do so, and take his/her family. Yes, $10 to see something that is usually free is ludicrous. Now there will be NO night practices for free so you’re paying to see a night practice and firewords, but you pay FULL PRICE for the food and drinks they serve. So, potentially, the family that wants to come to see Lambeau and the Packers can do so at substantilly reduced ticket prices but no one can afford to eat: Popcorn at $3.50, hamburgers at $6-7.00, soda at $3.00 and beer (which I don’t understand being sold at a “Family Night” affair, is $7.00. Who can afford to feed their family there? Are you saying we can’t bring stuff in? How can a family afford that fare? What should I tell my kids when they can look around and see some other peoiple enjoying goodies but we can’t afford those prices? And the Packer’s response: Those prices are negotiated in the contracts they set with the food service company and they are unable to lower them. Hmmm, I think they should be able to do SOMEthing. Hand out coupons, for heaven’s sake. Give out popcorn. Let people bring in sodas. There are several options available to make Family Night more affordable, if that’s your intent.

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