Green Bay Packers Midweek Movie: “Mission: L.O.M.B.A.R.D.I.”

During this dead time of the NFL calendar, it can be very difficult to get excited about the upcoming season.

Optimism about the upcoming season is high, but the reality is there is little to discuss about what the season brings until Training Camp begins.

Coaches and players use this time to enjoy their final days of time off before the grind of training camp. If there is any news about the Green Bay Packers it is viewed as a blessing during what is basically a non news period.

Have no fear-Packers Talk Radio Network is here to help you get excited about the 2014 NFL season.

Dale H. Decker returns with his latest Packers themed video, and the message is simple. The goal for 2014 is “Mission Lombardi”.

Take a few minutes and watch this excellent video. After viewing it, leave a GO PACK GO! in the comments to let everyone know you are ready for the 2014 season.




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  • Larry Miller

    Great job Dale! I don’t know how old you are but you have a great future after your junior or senior high school years in the video making business! Go Pack Go!!

  • Can’t tell if you are being sincere with your comment to Dale, or trolling. I’ll go with sincere, and hope I’m right.