5 Packer Veterans Who Could be on the Roster Bubble

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During the next couple of months the Packers will have to whittle down their roster from the 90 players they currently have to just 53.

The Packers lost a few players to free agency, but they also signed free agents, Julius Peppers and Letroy Guion, selected 9 players in May’s draft, have numerous players coming back from injury, and they also have a penchant for keeping a few undrafted free agents on the roster.  With this influx of new talent, the Packers will have some tough choices to make, and it will undoubtedly mean there will be a few veterans looking for new teams come August and September.

Here are 5 players that may be fighting for a roster spot this preseason.

Davon House – Since being drafted in the 4th round of the 2011 draft, House has flashed potential at times during the preseason, but has never been able to get that preseason success to transfer to the regular season. For his career, House has just 1 interception and 15 passes defended in 27 games. And he played so poorly against Detroit last December,  he was benched for much of the remainder of the season.

With the re-signing of Sam Shields, the return of a healthy Casey Hayward, the emergence of Micah Hyde, and the selection of Demetri Goodson in the draft, House may find that he is the odd man out in a crowded secondary.

Derek Sherrod – Lack of both availability and versatility could make Sherrod disposable this year.  In 3 years with the Packers, the former 1st round pick has been active for just 12 games, and has yet to make a start.

This offseason the Packers have made it known that Sherrod will be the backup left tackle behind David Bakhtiari, but  the Packers could decide they are more comfortable with moving right tackle Bryan Bulaga to the left side, and having Don Barclay take Bulaga’s right tackle spot, if something would happen to Bakhtiari.

Jerel Worthy – It might be a little early to give up on Worthy, who is entering his 3rd season with the Packers, but he is going to have to show that he is fully recovered from the knee injury that ended his rookie season and forced him to start last season on the PUP list.

Although Worthy was able to make it back to the active roster in November of last year, he was largely ineffective when he returned, playing in just 2 games and recording 1 tackle.

Ryan Taylor – Taylor has been a core special teams contributor in his 3 seasons with the Packers, however, he has contributed next to nothing on offense, catching just 8 passes and 1 touchdown in 45 games.

The Packers probably have 3 roster locks at tight end in Andrew Quarless, Brandon Bostick and Richard Rodgers, which would likely mean 1 roster spot between Taylor, Jake Stoneburner, and Colt Lyerla.  The Packers will need to decide if Taylor’s special teams prowess outweighs the offensive upside of both Stoneburner and Lyerla.

Matt Flynn – After re-signing with the Packers last year, and essentially saving their season, there didn’t appear to be much interest in Flynn’s services during free agency, which allowed the Packers to sign him to a 1 year deal valued at just over $1 million, and with only $75k in guaranteed money.

Flynn’s contract terms would make it easy to release him if he is outplayed by Scott Tolzien during the preseason. However, after the quarterback debacle of 2013, the Packers would have to be very confident in Tolzien’s ability to run their offense for them to release Flynn.


Ian Hanley is a writer at PackersTalk.com. PackersTalk.com. You can follow him on twitter at @Ian_M_Hanley.


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10 thoughts on “5 Packer Veterans Who Could be on the Roster Bubble

  1. Davon House ain’t going nowhere, neither is Worthy… Sherrod will get at least one season to show what he can do and you’re an idiot for thinking they’re not going to carry Matt Flynn all season. Hack writing this is hack writing.

  2. Well written and thought-out article. A lot will depend on training camp and preseason games for these five. I am not clairvoyant and don’t have a clue which of these five will be cut. But, I would wager at least two of these five will be cut.
    Thanks for the article.

  3. I would agree on all your assessments except the TE’s Depending on Quarless’s injury he may be put on PUP and Rodgers or Bostic starts but Colt is the Gem they got in UDFA’s this year the kid has nothing but upside going for him as long as he stay’s clean he will out pplay all the TE’s and be the starter by mid season.

  4. Don’t knock the writer, he’s just giving opinion. Davon House was injured in preseason, and he never fully recovered. Sherod has too much talent to just let go (unless he has lost something from injury). I hope he doesn’t go the way of Justin Harrel. People call Harrel a bust, but injuries should not cause a bust. Jamal Reynolds was a bust. Ahmad Carol was a bust. Mike Sherman was somewhat a bust (he didn’t kick two field goals in the “fourth and 26” loss – then he fires his defensive co-ordinator – ugly). As for Worthy, Taylor, and Flynn, we’ll see who gets injured in training camp and preseason. Someone will go on injured reserve. Special teams are very important. Why do you think Bush is still on the team? Watch the Packer Bear Game again, Quarless was a very important cog in that wheel. Go Pack!

  5. There always seem to be a few veterans who get cut each year. As previously mentioned, a lot will depend on who gets injured. If Sherrod doesn’t show improvement in the preseason and training camp, he may be cut. I hope not. Also, the other players on the list need to produce, as they each need to prove what they bring to the team. Ryan Taylor, we know he’s an excellent Special Teams player. Will that be enough this season to make the final 53? Why do some actually believe Matt Flynn is so great? He’s been cut by three other teams in the past couple of seasons. Remember the Detroit game? He was lost and the Packers were blown-out! My belief is they keep but two QBs on the final 53 and either Flynn or Tolzien are released.

  6. I am more excited about Colt Lyerla making the team than any other new non-drafted player. In the recent past, several LBs have made a huge impression during pre-season, only to be dropped within a year or so. With that in mind, I try not to get too interested in the free agent pickups following the draft. But with Finley most likely not coming back to Green Bay, and the current TE veterans not overwhelming thus far, I truly am excited about the possibilities for Colt to turn his life around and become a folk hero to the Packer faithful. Granted, Rodgers, the new guy from Cal, may be just what the offense needs. But in watching highlight film of the Oregon Ducks team, Lyerla is a veritable beast to bring down, catches the ball with ease, and could be part of a two TE set that McCarthy inserts at critical times to break a game open. I also want to see what LB Jake Doughty can do in Tng Camp. The guy was the MVP of his bowl game this year, and had 148 tackles in ’13 as an inside LB (257 tackles the last two years). TT did a great job bringing in free agents. Can’t wait to see what they all can do! Go Pack! (fan since ’61, living in the AZ desert)

  7. I agree pretty much agree on all of these guys they were on my deadwood list. I also have Perry and Datone slated for same list next year along with Flynn in none of them shine this year. One thing for sure this team has a host of what it’s not included on this list that could put the team in the North basement.

  8. Tyrsis,

    If you dont mind me saying so, try not to take all of this personally. As you know Football is a business, and the packers are loaded with talent, and can expect fierce competition at many positions. Tight end, running back, wide receiver, O-Line, D-line, Line Backer, Corner Back and Safety. 40 players, some of whom which catch on with other teams this year, will be cut loose. I wouldnt want to be the guy who makes those decisions, but for my money “At Least” 4 of those 5 will be gone, and conceivably all five. Which leaves another 35 who will be cut, and some of them will be Veterans as well… count on it!

    For a Packer fan, this is actually a very good place to be, personalities not withstanding. I believe that Green Bay will put their best team (in many years) on the field this year.

  9. Terry Mindham, I am very excited about the prospects of Colt Lyerla making the team. He is a dynamic and innovative receiver. I read that his senior year in high school, he lead the nation in yards and touchdown as a running back. The Packers are taking a chance on him, but all he did was get caught doing what many young athletes experiment with. He could be a genuine “Steal” and the Offense coul;d really prosper with his contributions as a Tight End, and perhaps slot receiver.

    I am also very high on Adrian Hubbard, Linebacker out of Alabama. He is a big tall, lean and very athletic player. I hope that he makes the team as well as Lyerla, but I feel confident that both will make it, and contribute in their rookie years.

  10. There is no way that Flynn is going anyplace. He may not be able to cut it with any other team but when he puts on the Green shirt he looks good enough to be the starting QB. If we didn’t have a superstar in Rodgers he would have a good shot at being the Green Bay starter.

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