Packers draft improves their Super Bowl chances.

The NFL Draft is now a few weeks in the rear view mirror, rookie camp is complete and the evaluations of the Packers newest players have begun in earnest. The Packers did both the expected and the surprising this year with their draft selections. When Wisconsin favorite TJ Watt was presented to Packers’ GM Ted Thompson […]

Why Aaron Rodgers Is Broken

Editor’s note: this article was written by guest author Elisha Twerski. You can follow him on Twitter at @ETwPhoneHome   Aaron Rodgers is….umm…struggling, to say the least. You’ve probably heard some asinine theories to explain his performance: He’s jealous of his brother winning the Bachelorette, his numbers have been down since deflategate (thanks, Tom Brady), […]


Green Bay Packers Try Out Nighttime Practice Sessions

The Green Bay Packers will have spent at least four nights practicing under the lights before going into the first of their preseason games. After an opening week of intense training in the early morning, head coach Mike McCarty is turning his attention to the evening workouts, which should give NFL betting odds enthusiasts a little […]


Open Letter to NFL Hall of Fame Seniors Committee: Vote in Packers Guard Jerry Kramer

Dear NFL Hall of Fame Seniors Committee: As custodians of the NFL of yesteryear, you are charged with recognizing the remarkable players of a different era. I commend the job you have done as the Pro Football Hall of Fame is well represented with many deserving players from decades long ago. It is a highly […]


Eddy Lacy’s Weight Loss Lessens Packers Burden

The Green Bay Packers are one of football’s finest franchises. With a dedicated fan base and highly competitive roster, they demand success. Usually, with Aaron Rodgers at the helm, they get it. However, their hard-hitting running back Eddie Lacy fell below his and the team’s expectations last season. The offense certainly suffered as a result. However, he […]