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A Closer Look at Some Packers UDFA Longshots

Well here we are just days into the start of another season. News reports have placed some Packer players in a bad light this offseason. Two with a suspension to start the season and one with a suspension to be named later.  Not a good off season for that nonsense at all. All I’ll say about that is “Stupid is as Stupid does”.

Even with those distractions the Packers might have the best roster in the NFL. And one of the toughest to make. If there were NFL betting lines for some of these players making the Packers’ roster, the term “longshot” would certainly be appropriate.

The entire starting offense and many backups are back, the first time since the mid 1960’s that has happened.

The defensive line will have a lot of competition and thankfully so will the Inside linebacker position. This is also the first season Ted Thompson has drafted prospects for the same position #1 and #2.

This year the team has signed 18 UDFA’s to the 90 man roster from the 2015 draft class. I believe UDFA’s  will have the hardest time yet under GM Ted Thompson to make the 53 man roster, not because of their talent, but the development of UDFA’s from the 2014 season.  Lets look at a few that might make it to the 53 man roster this year and maybe a couple from last year that did not make the 53 in 2014.


Packers Emerge as NFC, Super Bowl Favorites in NFL Online Betting

Packers favorites to be Super Bowl Champs

The Green Bay Packers were denied a ticket to their first Super Sunday appearance since winning Super Bowl XLV when they suffered a heartbreaking overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks in last season’s NFC Conference Championship game.

But that defeat has done little to dampen the Packers’ Super Bowl 50 odds, which have climbed to 6/1, making them early favorites in NFL futures betting at the online sportsbooks.

The Packers enjoyed a strong offseason, keeping WR Randall Cobb and RT Bryan Bulaga in the fold with shiny new contracts, and are once again expected to be one of the NFL’s dominant offensive forces in the upcoming season.

Not surprisingly, the Packers are also pegged as favorites to emerge as NFC Conference Champions this season, with strong 13/4 odds.

The Pack are closely trailed in the NFC online betting by Seattle, who are a 7/2 bet to make a third straight Super Bowl appearance.

The Seahawks fell short of a Super Bowl repeat, dropping a 28-24 decision to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, which will most certainly be remembered for the Seahawks’ infamous play call which denied them a game-winning TD on the final play of the game.

The Dallas Cowboys, one of the surprise stories in the NFL last season after winning 12 games and the NFC East division crown, round out the top three in NFC futures betting, with 6/1 odds.


The Andrew Quarless Hype Train: Can He Fulfill His Promise?


To be considered a “legend”, as one of the “greats” in any sport, a professional athlete needs to have a huge amount of talent. On top of a natural affinity for a certain physical endeavour, a leading athlete also has to be hardworking, dedicated and a leader in the field.

However, while these skills are sometimes enough for certain athletes to make it to the top and rank among their sport’s finest, there’s also times when it isn’t enough. Michael Jordan might be considered one of the best basketball players of all time and he may not have had to talk his way into that position, but he’s almost an exception to the rule.

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk


In reality, the majority of the leading sportspeople in the world have risen to the top of their profession through a combination of skill and personality. An obvious example of someone who has been able to combine physicality and personality in the last few months is Conor McGregor.

The fighting Irishman has had a meteoric rise in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) thanks to his penchant for punching people and his skills in front of a camera. This combination of talents has made him one of the hottest prospects in the sport, banked him a bundle of cash and, importantly, earned him a shot at a world title.

Packers’ Offensive Success Starts and Ends With The Line

Packers Offensive Line

When a team has a Quarterback who is sacked 51 times during a season in which he is the team’s second-leading rusher, that team definitely has a blocking problem. That before-mentioned team was the 2012 Green Bay Packers. Despite the fact that Aaron Rodgers was forced to get rid of the ball quickly when he wasn’t on his back, the Packers won 11 games and the NFC North.

Even though a whopping 464 yards rushed by a guy no longer around was good enough to lead the team, the Packers won a playoff game. That won’t be the case this season. If the Bryan Bulaga-less offensive line consistently gets over-matched by defensive front sevens like it did last season and in their last two preseason games, the 2013 Green Bay Packers will fall quite short of matching it’s 2012 success. A fifth-consecutive playoff berth might be in jeopardy as well.

Ted Thompson noticed the blocking and rushing problems his team had this past April. During the annual draft, he selected Eddie Lacy in the second round. Lacy, the six-foot, 230-pound bruiser of a back out of Alabama, slid out of the first round due to injury concerns. Trusting his scouting department, Thompson paid little attention to Lacy’s critics and quite possibly got the steal of the whole weekend. The next day, Thompson also drafted the athletic Johnathan Franklin, an underrated runner out of UCLA.


ALL Packers Talk Podcast: Cornerbacks, Safeties and NFL Draft Needs

The Packers Secondary is put under the microscope as we look at “where we are now”, “where we want to be” and “how do we get there.” This is the fourth in a series of these podcasts, looking closely at this Packers team, position group by position group, and analyzing where improvements are needed. Then, of course, we’ll also examine college prospects that could help the Packers.

Tune in for this expanded coverage of the original Packers Cornerbacks Position Group Post  , Packers Safeties Position Groups Post and much, much more…

Listen using the player below or download the podcast from the Packers Talk Radio Network on Itunes.


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