Cheesehead Radio: The King Has Returned

  There are three games to go, and if the Green Bay Packers are to make the playoffs, they have to win each game (along with getting some help along the way). Can they do it? Will they do it? Only if they have… AARON RODGERS! Yes, QB1 is back, and the CHR gang hits […]


Pack to the Future ##64: Collective Sigh of Relief

As the guys found out half way through recording, Rodgers is back! Join us for the celebration as we discuss the Brett Hundley era, what the defense will do in Carolina, and Trevor Davis. Brian Beversluis of Cat Scratch Reader returns to help break down the upcoming matchup with the Panthers. Make sure to give Pack to the Future a review […]


In Bond-like Fashion, Packers opt to Die Another Day

Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep: The sound of a heart monitor. Life support. By the time the Cleveland Browns went up 21-7 vs. the Packers, cheeseheads everywhere were preparing to hear the flatline sound. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. “Green Bay Packers 2017 Season time of death: 4:07 Eastern Daylight Time…. Location: Cleveland, Ohio… Cause of death: Murder by zombie Browns.” Lord knows […]


Packers Therapy #311: Packers Follow Adams Up The Tunnel, beat CLE

Like all kids this time of year, Chris and Dave are eagerly awaiting the return of the magical gent who brings joy to children of all ages: Aaron Rodgers. Enough of this scraping out wins in OT — the fellas want to see 12 and his helpers back together. For now, the guys are satisfied […]


Browns Anything but a Trap Game for Packers

Anyone who happens to swing by the Mistake by the Lake on Sunday can get some cheap thrills starting at $14.   That’s right. These are the starting prices for the clash between the Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns. These are the types of tickets that would be available in Green Bay if Aaron […]


Cheesehead Radio: Boooooo…I Mean, YAAAAYYY!!

As boos rang down from Lambeau Field, the Packers offense, led by Brett Hundley came to life in overtime, turning those jeers in to cheers as the Packers defeated the Bucs in overtime, keeping some slim playoff hopes alive. With what should be an easy win over the Browns next week, and the possible return […]

Share Game Predictions: Packers vs. Browns

Cory Jennerjohn (@coryjennerjohn) When the most dynamic player on the Browns is tight Jordan Cameron, Cleveland is at a severe disadvantage. The Brownies have been good causing turnovers with five picks and four fumbles, but they also turn the ball over with nine giveaways as well. It’s not all rosy for the Packers as Mike […]