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Your Voices Are Heard Loud and Clear Packers Fans

packer fans

If there is one thing that I understand fairly well, it is Green Bay Packers fans.

Being one myself, it is easy to feel what you feel, say what you say, and think what you think with regards to the team we pour our hearts and souls into. Day after day, week after week, year after year, the green and gold pumps through our veins. It is who we are.

When the Packers win, we celebrate in unison. When they lose, we collectively slam our heads against the wall trying to figure out what went wrong. I am one of you, and have a full understanding of the highs and lows that are associated with being a Packers fan.

We all felt the same after the debacle against the Seahawks this past Thursday to kickoff the 2014 season.

A blowout loss on national television against the defending Super Bowl champions to start the season. Not exactly the way the Packers wanted to come out of the gate.

After the game, your voices were heard. Loud and clear.

Yet another loss to an NFC West team. More proof that other teams have passed by the Packers. The Packers can’t beat good teams. All of these and more are some of the edited versions of comments that were being mentioned all over Twitter and Facebook after the game.

I should know. I was right there with you.



The Packers-and Their Fans-Need to Forget About the Fail Mary

packers/seahawks fail mary

Remember the last time the Packers played the Seahawks?

Of course you do.

September 24, 2012.

The Packers were taking on the Seahawks at Century Link Field. The Seahawks offense was being handled quite capably by the Packers defense. And Aaron Rodgers was taking a beating at the hands of the Seahawks defense, having been sacked 8 times in the first half.

The Packers led 12-7 as time ticked down, when it happened.

Seattle QB Russell Wilson evaded Clay Matthews, and launched a pass into the endzone, right into the hands of Packers Safety MD Jennings for a game ending interception.

That is until the tool known as Lance Easley, a replacement ref hired by the NFL since the regular league officials were on strike, overturned the call.

Touchdown Seattle. Game over. Seattle wins 14-12.

It’s become known as the Fail Mary game, although there are many other colorful adjectives which can be used to describe the game, and especially Lance Easley.

Now two years removed from that game, the Packers are set to take on the Seahawks Thursday night in the 2014 NFL season kickoff game. The scene will be a repeat of that infamous game. Century Link Field, under the lights, the “12th man” roaring in the background.

Only this time, the Seahawks will be able to boast that they are Super Bowl champs.


The 2014-15 Green Bay Packers Roster

packers helmets

With Training Camp coming to an end, Ted Thompson was faced with the task of constructing a team which will lead the Packers back to the Super Bowl. As the clock ticked down to 3pm CDT yesterday, Packer fans across the world were wondering what this year’s team would look like. Would it have the caliber of talent to get the Packers back on top of the football world this season?

We are about to find out, as the season kicks off a mere 4 days from now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are your 2014-15 Green Bay Packers:


The Packers Will be OK Without BJ Raji

bj raji

Everyone suspected the worst when they saw Packers NT BJ Raji standing on the sidelines midway through Friday’s game against the Raiders.

Without his uniform, and his arm wrapped in ice, it was reported that Raji had suffered an arm injury during the game. The extent was not yet clear. Yet because of the Packer injury history over the past few seasons, anyone who follows the Packers always thinks worst case scenario anytime someone on the team gets injured.

These worst case thoughts were confirmed yesterday, when it was reported that Raji had torn his bicep, and would most likely be lost for the entire 2014 season.

This season ending  injury completes a full circle for Raji over the past three seasons.

He had gone from riding high after Super Bowl XLV, to somewhat of a down season in 2011, to two very uninspiring seasons in 2012 and 2013. Raji had gone from budding superstar to budding draft failure.

Some will say that he suffered playing out of position for the past two years. After playing at a high level as a NT in 2010, he was moved to DE, and became nearly invisible.

Despite some rather unimpressive stats, the Packers still offered Raji a longterm contract offer which would have paid him close to $8 million a year. But Raji passed on this offer, deciding to play the final year of his rookie deal and hoping to capitalize on interest in free agency.


Cheesehead Radio One-And-One with ESPN Wisconsin’s Bill Johnson


Subtitle: The One With Bill Johnson’s Wife

The Green Bay Packers settled a lot of fears last week with a dominating performance by the first team offense and defense over the St. Louis Rams.  While a healthy Aaron Rodgers might mean bolder predictions about deep playoff runs, the number of penalties approach ridiculous levels. Will the Packers make the Super Bowl? Will they get the “penalty situation cleaned up”? No one is more ready to go Big Okie on your 1-1 Packers than the Cheesehead Radio team.

Joining us in the broadcast is ESPN Wisconsin’s Bill Johnson, who will give us his keen insight as to what’s going on this week and what we can look forward to the preseason home opener against James Jones and the Oakland Raiders on Friday night.

Also making a completely unexpected guest appearance is Mrs. Bill Johnson, otherwise known as Michelle, who takes EVERYONE to task and let’s us all know the TRUTH about Brett Favre. You. Do. Not. Want. To Miss. This.

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Welcome Home Brett Favre

brett favre arms up

At long last, it will be over.

On Monday afternoon, the Packers and the Packers Hall of Fame will make a joint announcement about Brett Favre’s induction into the Packers Hall of Fame in 2015. It is also expected that they will announce that his jersey will also be retired during the 2015-16 season.

The news, first reported by ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, was later confirmed by Favre via his website.


favre website


The announcement will officially welcome Favre back into the Packers family in a formal manner.

Ironically, the announcement will take place exactly 6 years after Favre and the Packers agreed to part ways, after he and Head Coach Mike McCarthy met for several hours in McCarthy’s office.

Perhaps, in a weird, ironic way,  that is just the way it is meant to be.

At long last, Favre will once again be part of the Packers family. After six years of heartache, hand wringing, hoping, and wondering if this day would ever come, it appears as though it finally will.



brett favre jersey


Whatever your personal feelings are about Favre, one cannot deny that the 16 seasons he spent with the Packers are among the most exciting time in the team’s history. A Super Bowl win. A Super Bowl loss. Perennial contenders. Three MVP awards. Countless memories. All of this is what Favre brought.


Riding Bikes and Making Memories at Packers Training Camp

bike riding

Players riding bikes to and from practice during Packers Training Camp is one of the greatest traditions in the NFL.

First instituted by Vince Lombardi, the thought was that this would bring the players and fans closer. Embracing the team concept that Lombardi emphasized on the playing field, this would also enforce the team concept to the Packer faithful. Without the support of the fans, the team would not exist. Without the team, fans would be forced to cheer for another team, one that didn’t reside in their backyards. They were united as one.

It was a stroke of genius by Lombardi, and has since become a tradition unlike any other.

As a result, there are countless stories about the impact of a player riding a fan’s bike. Memories that last a lifetime for the person because a Packer picked their bike to ride to practice. Jogging alongside the player, carrying their helmet, and all the while thinking about the stories they can tell their children about their experience at Packers Training Camp. That is what makes this tradition so great.

A few months ago, one of our loyal readers shared her children’s experiences during Training Camp. I’m going to let her tell her story in her words.