What Is Your Favorite Packers Playoff Game Not Named Super Bowl or Ice Bowl?

What is your favorite Packers playoff game ever?

Seems like a fairly easy question, doesn’t it?

To many, the Ice Bowl would be the answer. After all, the Ice Bowl stands out as the greatest playoff game in not only their history, but perhaps in the history of the NFL.

Others might answer any of the Super Bowl victories. What better playoff game could there be than the Packers winning a world championship in the process?

Well, Packers Talk wants to hear from you.

The question is: what is your favorite Packers playoff game ever?

Here’s the catch-you can’t answer any of the Super Bowls or the Ice Bowl. Those answers seem too easy, and we want you to search your memories for the playoff game that stands out above the rest.

Maybe it’s the Snow Globe game against the Seahawks in 2008


Maybe you enjoyed the excitement of the highest scoring playoff game in league history versus the Cardinals:


Perhaps you loved watching the Packers defeat the Bears at Soldier Field to win the NFC Championship:


Or maybe it’s another game all together. Whatever the case, we want to hear from you.

Leave your answer in the comments below. Really interested to see some of the responses from the Packers faithful.

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15 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Packers Playoff Game Not Named Super Bowl or Ice Bowl?

    1. Yes-yes it was.

      It was so wonderful to win that game, and to be able to hold that victory over the heads of Bears fans for all time is a great thing.

  1. I would say mine is the Division round game at Atlanta in 2010. I remember watching Tramon William’s interception for a touchdown right before halftime and thinking “this could be our year” for the first time. Very special moment for me.

    1. Another great game-Rodgers was ridiculous that game. If memory serves (and without cheating by looking it up) think he had 5 incomplete passes the entire game. In a playoff game. He was precision accurate, and they embarrassed the Falcons as a result.

  2. I would weigh in with the Divisonal Round matchup in 1995 when the upstart Packers traveled to San Francisco to take on the defending Super Bowl champion 49ers. The champs were 10 point favorites that day, but the Packers jumped to an early 21-0 lead and caused four turnovers on the day. The Packers never looked back and proved that they belonged with the big boys. In some respects, that game helped usher in a new era for the Packers after decades of futility.

    1. You’re right. It was the ushering in of the Packers as a NFL power, and not just as a team good enough to get in the playoffs, but never advance past the Divisional Round. The ascension of the Packers from ’92-’96 really was something to watch. A lot of great memories during those years.

  3. Snow Globe game in January 2008 against Seattle. Granted, I’m partial to this one because I was in attendance, but it was the just a roller coaster of emotions and the backdrop was amazing. Spotting Seattle 14 points and then roaring back! But most importantly, it was last happy memory I have of Favre.

  4. The San Francisco 49’er Divisional playoff win at Lambeau in the rain, when Desmond Howard returned the punt for a TD after the defense had held the 49’ers to a 3 and out on the opening possession.

    1. Desmond Howard. Talk about memories. He would have been the MVP of the ’96 team if Favre and White weren’t on the team. He was amazing. For one memorable season, he was amazing.

  5. For me, the Snow Globe game will always be my favorite. The quick 14-0 deficit because of the early Ryan Grant fumbles. And the onslaught that followed, led by Grant, was something I’ll never forget. And all this in snow against the lights at Lambeau.

    And as Adam pointed out, it was the last great game Favre had as a Packer. The underhand shovel pass-how the heck did he complete that pass? It was just one of those games. And a great game it was.

    It was magical.

  6. Snow globe game was great to see live and will always be the experience I compare other playoff experiences to

  7. Mine is the 37-0 victory over the New York Giants in Green Bay, on December 31, 1961, in the NFL championship game. This represented the beginning of the Lombardi dynasty and the first use of the name “Titletown USA.” We thought it would be a tough game. The Giants were proud, perennial contenders, and their new quarterback, Y.A. Tittle, was destined to become a Hall of Famer. In fact, the New York sportswriters joked that “Titletown” would soon be changed to “Tittletown.” But the Packers won easily, and this game established them as the elite team of the ’60s.

    1. Great answer Linda! That’s what makes this such an interesting question, because games like this are memorable, and often times forgotten because of recent history. I’ve only ever seen bits and pieces of this game on TV, but it did mark the beginning of the Lombardi Era dynasty.

      Thanks for reading, and the great answer!

  8. 4 words. ……Antonio Freemam miracle catch…… Me and my dad drove from washington state to lambo feild when i was like 10 to watch this game against the Vikings. Got to skip 2 weeks of school too…

  9. The Arizona game after the 2009 season. I was there about 15 rows up in a corner. My wife and I had driven the 1000 miles from Dallas Friday night/Saturday morning and we both had to be back at work on Tuesday. I’ll never forget it. Watching them get so far down so soon. Turned in to the most exciting offensive game I’ve ever been to. And, HE WAS FACEMASKED!

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