Green Bay Packers Flashback Sunday: 1962 NFL Championship Game

Is everyone excited for the 2013 season following the 2013 NFL Draft?

The Packers have reloaded their roster with 11 new players who will all contribute in their own way to the ultimate goal of every professional player: winning the Super Bowl and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy high over their heads.

The draft is traditionally the way teams determine their futures. By adding an influx of talent who will mesh with the existing talent, the players selected point the direction the franchise is headed.

It is the hope that after a few seasons, the talent of the players drafted will peak and a championship will be brought home.

The 1962 Packers are a great example of how the combined talent drafted, along with the best coach in NFL history, can reach the apex of the NFL world, and leave their mark on history.

Bart Starr. Jerry Kramer. Jim Taylor. Forrest Gregg. Paul Hornung. Ray Nitschke. These are just some of the names of draft selections that were on the Packers roster when Vince Lombardi arrived in 1959, following a 1-10-1 season.

Three years later, they were part of the greatest Packers team ever, culminating in a 16-7 victory over the New York Giants in the 1962 NFL Championship, their second consecutive title.

So sit back, relax, and watch the 1962 Packers at their zenith, the 1962 NFL Championship Game:



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