Green Bay Packers Flashback Sunday: A Super Bowl Rematch

In 1997, there was one game every NFL fan had circled on their calendar as the game of the year: October 27.

This Monday night would feature a rematch of Super Bowl XXXI between the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots.

The 1997 Packers featured many of the same names which brought the Lombardi Trophy back to Green Bay after a 30 year absence. Holmgren, Favre, Butler, Levens just to name a few. The talent was there to build a dynasty for years to come.

Yet there was something different in 1997. Aside from the injuries which had played havoc with the roster, it just didn’t feel the same as it did the previous year, when the Packers were built to win now.

The Packers didn’t seem to have the same swagger as they did the year before. It almost seemed as as if they expected to win-not because they were better than everyone else, but because they were the defending champions.

It was a much different feel than the previous year-and it would end in heartbreaking fashion against the Broncos in Super Bowl XXXII a few months later-but let’s not go there.

Instead, let’s enjoy the full game rematch of Super Bowl XXXI from 1997 for this week’s Flashback Sunday video:


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The Packers began their preseason with a dud against the Cardinals Friday night. A 17-0 loss featured…not much. Other than the first team offense moving the ball well, the highlights on offense were limited. Rookie WR Tyrone Walker continued to state his case to make the final 53, while Graham Harrell continued to make his case NOT to make the team this year. It was an anemic performance offensively.

Thank goodness it is only preseason.

On defense, Johnny Jolly continued his solid preseason with a strong performance. He struggled in the first half, getting pushed around a little too much for a 330 lb lineman fighting for a roster spot would like to be. But he was substantially better in the second half, showing burst through the line, narrowly missing a sack on one such play. If he continues to play the way he did Friday night, he is going to make it very difficult for the Packers to let him go.

Aside from Jolly, the highlights on defense were few and far between. The secondary looked soft, the pass rush virtually non existent. Very reminiscent of recent seasons under Dom Capers, who ordered up extra vanilla for the game.

Luckily it is only preseason.

If you still need reassurance that the world will not end because of a loss in the preseason, please read Colleen’s and Kelly’s perepectives on the game.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!




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