Green Bay Packers Sunday Movie: The 2013 Packers “Inch By Inch”

We hope you enjoyed the Green Bay Packers Flashback Sunday series during the off season. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. As we approach the end of the preseason and the dawn of a new regular season, it is time to put the Flashback Series in mothballs until next summer, and introduce our new Sunday video series: Green Bay Packers Sunday Movie.

For the past several years, superfan Dale H. Decker has been producing videos focusing on the Green Bay Packers.

Many hours of time, effort, energy, and even a few tears have resulted in some of the best fan videos ever seen. Utilizing a mix of nostalgia and present day highlights, spliced in video and still frame photography, Decker has been able to capture what being a Packers fan is and translate it into video form for everyone to see.

His latest contribution is no exception.

Using a famous speech from “Any Given Sunday” as his template, “Inch by Inch” will get you more than pumped up for the 2013 season, in case you aren’t already fired up enough.

Please enjoy this week’s Sunday Movie: “The 2013 Green Bay Packers-Inch by Inch”.



When you are done watching, be sure to check out his YouTube Channel for more great Packers videos.



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  1. Awesome video. If this doesn’t make you want to stand up in front of the computer monitor after seeing this video and shout “GO PACK GO!!” as hard as you can, then you have to be dead!

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