When an organization invests $110 million in you, it means you are important to the future of the organization.

That is exactly what the Packers did this past April when they signed Aaron Rodgers to a record setting 5 year/$110 million extension.

The extension guaranteed Rodgers financial security for the rest of his life, the ability to provide for anyone or any organization he sees fit.

It also provided the Packers the security of not having to worry about replacing Rodgers anytime in the future, maintaining their competitiveness on the field while remaining fiscally responsible.

Unfortunately for both Rodgers and the Packers, the first year of this extension has not turned out anywhere near how it was envisioned when the deal was signed.

The Packers are mired in mediocrity, sitting at 5-5, their playoff hopes still alive, but most  likely needing to win their division to make the tournament.

Meanwhile, Rodgers sits on the bench, recovering from a broken collarbone suffered against the Bears, unable to help his team climb higher in the playoff race.

Their third straight loss yesterday has left the Packers searching for answers, with perhaps the most asked being when is Rodgers going to be able to take the field again?

Every loss in the standings puts the future of the Packers playoff hopes further out of discussion. Although they are currently one game out of first place at the moment, their recent play has inspired much confidence that they will be able to win a game minus Rodgers anytime soon.

The next two games on the schedule will determine the fate of the 2013 Packers, and could decide the fate of Rodgers’ season.

The Vikings head into Lambeau Field this Sunday, suffering through a 2-8 season, including an 0-5 record on the road. This seems to be a recipe for disaster for them. However, Adrian Peterson has always raised his game to another level against the Packers. They will be meeting a Packers team which has lost three games in a row, including two consecutive at home. If ever there was a game the Vikings could steal from the Packers, it is this one.

Four days after playing the Vikings, the Packers will head to Detroit to face the first place Lions on Thanksgiving Day. The Lions will no doubt be playing for much more than pride on this day. They could be playing for the division depending on what the Packers do against the Vikings this Sunday.

While Rodgers has aimed for this game against the Lions to be the game he returns to action, there are no guarantees this will be the case. If he is not able to return until after this game, the Packers may face a tough decision.

If the Packers lose to both the Vikings and Lions, it will leave them 5-7 and at minimum two games out of first place. With the NFC Standings shaping up the way they are, the Packers may already be facing the challenge of winning their division to make the playoffs. Being two games out with four games left to play could prove too difficult a challenge to overcome, which could lead to a difficult decision to make.

If the Packers were to fall to 5-7, would it make sense for the Packers to place Rodgers on injured reserve, ending his season, and for all intents and purposes the chances of the Packers making the playoffs? It might. The long term success of both Rodgers and the Packers is more important than a few games in 2013. One has to remember that there are $110 million reasons why this could be the case.

Hopefully the Packers will have righted their ship before they need to face this possible looming decision.



John Rehor is a writer at PackersTalk.com.

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