The NFL released the 2014-15 season schedule, and almost immediately fans began speculating what their favorite team’s record would be for the upcoming season.

Before the Draft, before OTA’s, before mini camp and loooong before Training Camp, semi-professional prognosticators put win-loss predictions on their favorite teams. Optimism runs high at this time of the year, and the schedule release is just one more reason for fans across the globe to believe that THIS is the year their team will bring the Lombardi Trophy home.

Packers fans are no different. Analysis of the schedule technically began when the 2014-15 opponents were announced last year. Now that the schedule has been released, the full dissection can take place.

With that said, here is the very earliest season prediction for the 2014-15 Green Bay Packers:

Week 1 at Seattle (9/4/14): At Seattle-no better chance to prove you deserve to be mentioned among the best teams in the league than the season kickoff against the defending Super Bowl champions. In this rematch of the Fail Mary game, the Packers are going to face one tough opponent in a hostile road enviroment. As much as I want to pick Green Bay to win this game, I just can’t do it. Loss

Week 2 vs NY Jets (9/14/14): Rex Ryan and the Jets stroll into Lambeau Field for the Packers’ home opener. And go home losers. Win

Week 3 at Detroit (9/21/14): A new coach in Detroit in Jim Caldwell, but still the same explosive offense. IF the Packers defense is improved as it seems to be (at least on paper) this could be a win for the Packers. If they were playing in Green Bay I would pick them to win. But they aren’t. Loss

Week 4 at Chicago (9/28/14): Chicago is better than a lot of people want to give them credit for. Their offense is downright scary. Their defense looks to be improved after last year’s debacle. Should be a close game. Win

Week 5 vs Minnesota (10/2/14): I’m circling this date on the calendar right now. Thursday night, prime time game, division rival-and this will be the game Brett Favre returns to Lambeau Field. I can’t think of a better game for it to happen on. Oh, and the Packers will win this game too. Win

Week 6 at Miami (10/12/14): Former Packers Offensice Coordinator Joe Philbin takes on his former boss Mike McCarthy in this coaching tree matchup. Green Bay flies home happy. Win

Week 7 vs Carolina (10/19/14): Tough game. Carolina was on fire in 2013. The question facing them is whether they are a team on the rise, or if they caught lightning in a bottle last season and are just not that good. Think Green Bay finds out the hard way they are a little bit of both. Loss.

Week 8 at New Orleans (10/26/14): This Sunday night game is going to be a classic. Rodgers vs. Brees could very well set a single game record for most passing yards. Two powerhouse offenses going toe to toe in prime time? Just the kind of ratings bonanza the NFL loves. Everyone also knows how much Aaron Rodgers loves playing inside a dome. Win

Week 9 Bye Week: Right in the middle of the season. Perfect timing to get injured players healthy for the stretch run.

Week 10 vs Chicago (11/9/14): Another Sunday Night game, this time against the hated Bears. The last time these two teams played, the Packers prevailed. They will again. Win.

Week 11 vs Philadelphia (11/16/14): This is going to be an interesting game. A true chess match between the Chip Kelly offense and the Dom Capers defense. Two mad scientists battling it out. Should be a fun game to watch. Hopefully even more so with a Packers victory. Win.

Week 12 at Minnesota (11/23/14): Playing the Vikings outdoors in Minnesota for the first time in 30 years will no doubt cause some issues. Not sure why, but think the Vikings will pull the upset in this game. Blame it on the weather. Loss.

Week 13 vs New England (11/30/14): The Packers get to take on the powerhouse Patriots in this Sunday afternoon affair. Rodgers vs. Brady. And as a bonus, two coaches who are the ultimate masters in coach speak. Somehow the Packers will find a way to win this game. Somehow. Win.

Week 14 vs Atlanta (12/8/14): Yet another prime time slot, this time on Monday Night Football. The Falcons were at one time considered to be the favorites in the NFC. That seems like an eternity ago. But they still feature a very good receiving tandem in Julio Jones and an aging Roddy White. The Packers have owned them for the past five years, and will continue to do so. Win.

Week 15 at Buffalo (12/14/14): It’s the Bills. Unless there is a massive blizzard, there is no reason the Packers should lose this game. Although, they do have a habit of playing down to the level of their opponents. Hmmm…… Win.

Week 16 at Tampa Bay (12/21/14): Sorry Tom Crabtree, but the Packers can’t let the Bucs beat them. Not in this game, not this late in the season, and not while riding a three game winning streak. Win. 

Week 17 vs. Detroit (12/28/14): Playoff implications could be on the line for both teams during this game. Season finale in Green Bay? Packers all the way. Win

Season Prediction: 12-4


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