What the hell was that?

That is the most common question being asked by Packers fans after the 29-10 ass beating handed to them by the Denver Broncos.

The score doesn’t indicate just how piss poor the Packers played. It was an all around embarrassing performance by the supposed best team in the NFC.

When Mike McCarthy comes out during his post game press conference and says “I haven’t had my ass kicked like that in a long time” it should be an indication to everyone just how bad it was.

I’ve had a full day to process the shit storm that was the Packers’ performance last night, and have come away with more than a few thoughts about the game. Questions, comments, observations, and just straight up venting.

Without further delay, here we go:

  1. I cannot process how Aaron Rodgers, the 2 time league MVP and arguably best player in the league, managed a stat line of 14-22 for 77 yards. A whopping 3.5 average. That yardage line is just ridiculous-77 yards.
  2. When the passing offense was struggling, why would the Packers not try some quick, short passes? Something. Anything to get the offense going a little bit and develop some rhythm. Nope. Stuck with the pistol or shotgun, spread formations, and looking downfield.
  3. Sometimes, I really wish Rodgers would be more like his predecessor and just sling the ball down the field. Look to make the big play, instead of trying to make the perfect play.
  4. Absolutely zero separation for the wide receivers. None. Blanketed more than a three year old with their woobie. They couldn’t find any room, which meant nowhere to pass downfield.
  5. Many are wondering why Jeff Janis and Jared Abbrederis wouldn’t have been used to stretch the field a little. Newsflash to those pondering this: they aren’t very good. At least right now. If they were, they would have tallied a little more than 4 snaps total (2 each) on offense for them.
  6. So Eddie Lacy starts the Packers’ first possession with 15 yards on 2 carries, then doesn’t get another carry until 13:28 left in the 2nd quarter. How is this possible? For a team that often talks about sticking with the “hot hand” at RB to completely disregard their number one back for a full quarter is ridiculous. I have no idea what kind of running back rotation plan the Packers had going into this game.
  7. The Packers have the 28th ranked offense in the NFL right now. Let that sink in for a moment. The 28th ranked offense. Now, I’m not suggesting that there is a correlation between McCarthy giving up play calling and the sudden collapse  of the offense. Losing Jordy Nelson for the season has a big part to do with that. But new play caller Tom Clements has to take some level of responsibility for what is going on.
  8. Speaking of play calling, I wonder if McCarthy is itching to take back the play calling responsibilities.
  9. The Packers defense has allowed 843 passing yards to Phillip Rivers and Peyton Manning last two games. No further commentary needed about this.
  10. Why would Dom Capers not have moved Casey Hayward off Demaryius Thomas sooner? He absolutely schooled him. Over, and over, and over.
  11. Zero pass rush. None. Against a statue named Peyton Manning standing in the pocket.
  12. Loved seeing the middle of the field wide open for Manning to pass at his whim. All. Game. Long.
  13. Really, really, REALLY hope Sam Shields is ok. If not…..
  14. Toward the end of the game, it sure looked to this viewer that the defense (other than Clay Matthews) just quit. Considering how much they were on the field, they had to have been exhausted.
  15. At least Tim Masthay punted well. And Mason Crosby kicked a FG. Pretty sad when these are the highlights of the game.

One of two outcomes are going to happen from last nights ass kicking: either it’s a massive wake up call for the coaches and players, or it’s the beginning of the end of the season.

Let’s all hope the Sunday night debacle in Denver was an aberration. Otherwise, the last nine games of the season could be very painful to watch.



John Rehor is a writer at PackersTalk.com.

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