Pack To The Future #32: The Hans Gruber of Candy Thieving

The guys talk about an actual winning streak and the beauty of snow games. Meanwhile, Brian comes clean about his secret life. Lars Russell from Field Gulls joins us to break down the upcoming Seahawks game at Lambeau. Stick around to hear score predictions, answers to your Twitter questions and quite possibly the worst game you could possibly pay money to attend.

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One thought on “Pack To The Future #32: The Hans Gruber of Candy Thieving

  1. This years Packers team may not win the Super Bowl but we’re not that far away. Fixing the defense is in my opinion priority one. Yes I also believe it’s time for a new DC. I’m not sure who would be the best candidate for the job. The offense needs more production in the running game. I believe Lacy stays and Starks leaves. We must draft a quality back to put alongside Lacy. I like D’onta Foreman from Texas. Lacy is a power back and Foreman an all purpose back. Having a running game is an essential part of a successful offense. After all we have the best QB in the NFC. Let’s provide him with run support. Fix the back end of the defense through the draft and free agency. Draft an EDGE rusher and Super Bowl 52 belongs to the Packers.!!!

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