Hundley’s First Win Silences Bears Roar

Packers Get a Much Needed Win at Soldier Field:

This week in Green Bay was certainly not short of headlines. The Martellus Bennett saga which ultimately lead to his departure from Green Bay took away much of the attention from Bear week. Now that the Bennett drama has quieted down for the moment, we can all take a step back and admire Sunday’s great team win against the Bears.

This win could not have come at a better time. It was one of those weeks in Packerland where the preverbal sky was falling and everyone had lost hope; that is, everyone except for the 53 men inside of the Green Bay Packers locker room. The Green Bay Packers rallied together as a team in spite of all of the negative headlines that this week produced, and was rewarded with a 23-16 victory that saw many different players step up and play big roles.

Dave’s Star Performers: ⭐️

1. Brett Hundley:

Hundley showed improvement and stepped up in Sunday’s win against the Bears, turning in a much better performance in his third start. Mike McCarthy added some wrinkles to the offense as Randall Cobb saw some snaps in the wildcat formation while Hundley focused on completing safe passes and managing the game. When the game was on the line, Brett Hundley made big plays.

The first big play that Hundley made was on a 17 yard run for a first down, extending the drive for the decisive fourth quarter touchdown. Then, Hundley, capped off this decisive drive on a scramble drill roll out by connecting with DaVante Adams on a back shoulder throw in the right corner of the end zone.

The Hundley highlight reel was capped off by a 42 yard hook up with DaVante Adams on a third and ten play, that should have sealed the win for the Packers, had it not been for a missed field goal. The defense stepped up and forced the Bears to turn the ball over on downs in just five plays. This defensive stand sealed Hundley’s first NFL win which saw him go 18-25 for 212 yards, 1 touchdown, and 0 interceptions.

2. Jamaal Williams:

Jamaal Williams was put in a very tough spot in Sunday’s game, as he was asked to be the primary running back when Aaron Jones and Ty Montgomery were both lost in the game due to injuries.

Jones has had a rough start to his rookie campaign that has seen his playing time diminish dramatically leading up to this weeks emergency duty. To his credit, Williams was ready to play and made the most of his opportunity. Although Williams’s final numbers were not earth-shattering (20 carries for 67 yards), he was able to make the most of his yards by churning out big run after big run to keep the game-winning touchdown drive going.

According to Zach Kruse, from post-game analysis posted by pro football focus, Williams gained 55 of his 67 yards after contact and broke 7 tackles. With Ty Montgomery’s ribs on the mend and Aaron Jones headed for an MRI at some point today, look for Jamaal Williams to use this performance to gain confidence going into the week 11 contest against the Ravens’s front seven next week at Lambeau Field.

3. Nick Perry:

In recent weeks, I have been very critical of Dom Capers and the Packers defensive scheme. Today, the defensive front seven quieted my voice along with the voices of many other armed chair prognosticators. Nick Perry’s efforts lead this defensive awakening in Chicago.

Nick Perry posted a career day by getting to Mitchell Trubisky at will and sacking him three times. Perry’s tenacious pursuit of Trubisky freed up other members of the front seven to make plays when they needed to, which kept Trubisky and star running back Jordan Howard at bay. The defensive effort on Sunday was just what the doctor ordered after a week of listening to everyone in the media call them out. Look for another spirited defensive effort against the Ravens next Sunday, to keep this momentum, and their dreams of a playoff push alive.


For the moment, this much-needed win at Soldier Field keeps the Packers in the running for a playoff spot. With the Ravens already having lost to the Bears earlier in the season, it is not unfair to expect the Packers to have a fighting chance to steal another win in next weeks contest at Lambeau Field. The Packers will realistically need to win another 2-3 games between next week and December 17th to have any hope of Aaron Rodgers making a return to the field for a December playoff push.

The schedule does set up somewhat favorably with games against the Ravens, Buccaneers, and Browns on the slate in the weeks leading up to Rodgers potential activation date from IR. If the Packers can hover around the playoff picture at 7-6 going into week 15, look for the news on Aaron Rodgers bone scans to become part of the daily headlines in Green Bay. Until then, the Packers need to continue to improve as a team so that they can give themselves a realistic chance at making the playoffs.


David Michalski is a recent college graduate from Princeton New Jersey who has been a life long Green Bay Packers fan. Like the great Vince Lombardi, he values God, family, and the Green Bay Packers in that order. You can follow him on twitter at @kilbas27dave



8 thoughts on “Hundley’s First Win Silences Bears Roar

  1. We took out the trash and got rid of Bennett. This could have rejuvenated the locker room. We need to keep winning and I still believe Rodgers could return with a record of 8 and 6. The division could be decided in the last two weeks I’ve seen it happen time and time again. If Rodgers return was an impossible thing they would have just said see you next season. If he’s indeed throwing in six weeks like one doctor has said anything is possible. Rodgers return will be decided not only by the medical staff but also the win loss record. Our schedule has a very strong possibility for us to be 8 and 6 which is what I said when Arod went down. His blindside will be in good hands with Taylor and Bakhtiari both healthy.All the weapons need to stay healthy and as of right now Hundley couldn’t ask for anything more. He must run the offense and get the ball into the hands of his playmakers and we can win three more games I know that much.

    1. Your point are good, but our offense has no flow or rhythm. Defenses know us and our offense patterns. Maybe a few receiver set changes? More misdirection? As far as defense, not scaring anyone. Every QB has a banner passing day against us, even Mitch with little experience and no receivers! Other, more seasoned QB’a and offenses are and continue to be a problem for Capers schemes. I still feel our Capers run defense is falling on deaf ears with the players. Not much pressure, backs lost, no confidence or swag! Just watch the game, the eyes show even us casual observers.

      1. I here you Dennis. I sure wish we knew if Arod has a chance of coming back or not. Looking at our schedule I can’t help but think that if Rodgers didn’t get hurt we could have won every game starting with Minnesota and I saw only a few road games such as Pittsburgh and Carolina standing in our way. Losing after the bye week didn’t surprise just disappoint me.Detroit’s season was hanging on by a thread had they lost that game. I would like to see Callahan run the offense. I really liked what I saw of him and he will throw the ball downfield to the play makers. Jordy must be more active and we must get the ball to him and Adams. Rodgers will not play again this season unless we can put together wins over Baltimore and Cleveland and Tampa. What a finish it would be to see Rodgers come back to play against Minnesota and Detroit after sports writers have written him off. GO PACK GO!!!

        1. Your points are well founded. I hope you’re right. We squeaked out a win against the bears, but do you really feel good about the offense now? And, do you have any faith in our defense stopping any above average offense. Like said, Capers schemes are read by QB’s easily by studying film for a few minutes. You got to admit, when another offense has the ball aren’t most of us holding our breath and hoping for one stop? We need a new breath of coaching energy I feel.

          1. I have said everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that in life. It’s time for a new GM. Ron Wolf’s son would be an excellent candidate. With a new GM heads will roll and yes a new head coach and DC are long overdue. McCarthy has kept his job in part to having a HOF QB pulling his Butt out of the fire time and time again.Age has affected Dom Capers from being the DC he once was I believe. Rodgers has at least six more good years and let’s not waste them. Remember he sat for the first three years of his career. He really has only been a starting QB for ten years.

            1. Everything you said I agree with. Wolf’s son, excellent. New blood, new life, new energy. I thought too of K. GREEN as DC, and J. LEONARD as co-DC and definitely DB coach. As for head coach, possibly J. Gruden? Others?

            2. Dennis. I just looked at the Vikings schedule and you tell me we don;t have a chance at 8 and 6 with Arod back against the Vikings week 15. Vikings are home this week against the Rams. Then three road games the following Thursday night starts with the Lions then the following Sunday on the road at Atlanta and then the Panthers on the road before back home against the Bengals.We beat Baltimore Sunday and win again at home against Tampa and on the road against Cleveland. Minnesota could be 9 and 6 at best and Rodgers comes back Dec. 23rd against Minnesota at home and then finish on the road with payback in Detroit. It’s not that far fetched. GO PACK GO!!

            3. Hear ya. But you’re assuming many things if Rodgers even returns. Healing, throwing, timing, and game speed may take a bit longer. Now for getting to the finer points. Based on what we’ve seen to date, especially with QB’s with more experience, do you really think our defense can help our offense? Maybe Tampa with their QB out now and at home, and maybe the Browns at Cleveland , which scares me. Ravens game will definitely give us some answers. Failure to beat the Ravens and it’s turn out the lights, party is over. Big Ben, Panthers on the road really tough! Possibly 8 and 7. Hope you’re correct. But last two games against Vikes at home and Lions there, without Rodgers give us a very slim to no chance of beating Vikes and Lions. Ravens first. Go Pack, please, go Pack.

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