Avert your Eyes from the Packers in Disguise:
It is safe to say that there were many parts of yesterdays game that made you want to close your eyes and hide. There were even many points during yesterday’s game where I had to avert my eyes away from the television because the offensive play was so poor. The only scenario that could have been worse would be if I decided to take my annual trip to Lambeau Field this week and witness this performance in person.

This performance was so disastrous that it had the Lambeau faithful heading for the tailgating tent outside of the stadium to avert their eyes from the offensive display of ineptness that they were witnessing before their very eyes. I think that at this point in the season, it is safe to say that Mike McCarthy, Jason Spriggs, and Brett Hundley will not be receiving Holliday cards or good cheer from Packer fans, (Am I right?).

There were so many glaring problems with the offense that it is difficult to decide where to begin with my commentary on this game. The game summary can easily be summed up in a five-word headline that reads, “Packers Offense Derailed by Turnovers”. Would you believe me if I told you that with just under 8 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the Packers outgained the Ravens in yards, first downs, and had an edge on the time of possession battle by almost two minutes? The reality of the situation is that the Packers lead in each of these offensive categories in the fourth quarter and still managed to get shut out at home.

Offensive drives were stalled by interceptions, fumbles, and an inability to win at the point of attack. (I would like to have one article this year where I will not have to mention the Packers getting dominated at the point of attack). On key third and fourth down plays, with less than three yards to gain for a first down, the Packers failed time after time to convert on a simple run or pass play. After yesterday’s performance, many members of the offense need to have a time of reflection because the play that we have seen over the last five games has been utterly horrendous.

Call Outs:
1. Devante Mays:
When a rookie that has 3 carries for -1 yards, 2 fumbles (1 lost fumble), declines to meet with the media, that rookie deserves to have his character called into question. Devante Mays has not even finished his first cup of coffee in the NFL, and he somehow thinks that it is acceptable to dodge the media’s questioning of his dreadful performance.

Does he realize that when you fumble on two out of your three carries and manage to gain -1 yards for the game, the media may ask for a response? Does he also realize that the only running that he did this week was from the media? Sorry, Devante, that one was too easy, but do us all a favor and grow up. It is all part of the game to be criticized when the performance warrants criticism, just like it is part of the game to be praised when your performance deserves praise. (Like your tremendous preseason performance)

2. Jason Spriggs:
This callout is very simple and straightforward because the sand in the hourglass of Jason ‘s career in Green Bay is dwindling rapidly. Spriggs needs to show that he can be a serviceable NFL player again. Ted Thompson traded up in the second round to acquire Spriggs and right now Spriggs looks like he is on the highway to the unemployment line.

3. Brett Hundley:
Brett Hundley needs to show that he is worthy of remaining a backup quarterback for an NFL franchise. The last five games have been an indictment of McCarthy’s support of Hundley. When asked if the Packers would look outside of the organization to fill the void left by Aaron Rodgers after his injury, McCarthy repeatedly said that he had three years invested in Brett Hundley and that Brett Hundley would be the Packers quarterback going forward.

Well, 5 games into the Hundley era, the Packers have posted a 1-4 record (this includes the Minnesota game in which Hundley saw the majority of the snaps), have been inconsistent, and have even shown signs of regression. In his five games, Hundley is averaging less than 200 passing yards per game and has thrown for just 2 touchdown passes to his 7 interceptions. This week against the Ravens, Hundley turned the ball over four times which made the Packers completely non-competitive in a 23-0 rout at home.

It is too late now to bring in a veteran quarterback to run the offense, but, if Hundley’s poor play continues, look for more fans to start clamoring for cult hero Joe Callahan to take over the starting quarterback job. (That may be too much to ask, after Nathan Peterman’s first-half performance for Buffalo this Sunday.)

What Will be the Response?

This week will prove to test men’s will, and determine where the Packers season will end up going from this point forward. Hopefully, the players will rebound, correct their mistakes, and give a spirited effort and an improved performance in Pittsburgh on Sunday Night Football next week.


David Michalski is a recent college graduate from Princeton New Jersey who has been a life long Green Bay Packers fan. Like the great Vince Lombardi, he values God, family, and the Green Bay Packers in that order. You can follow him on twitter at @kilbas27dave