Green Bay Packers Biggest Draft Duds of the Decade

With the combine finished and free agency around the corner, this time of year is always filled with optimism for NFL fans. No picks have been made, no injuries have been suffered, no dreams have been waylaid by the harsh realities of professional football. While this is a very exciting time, it’s also appropriate to […]


A Way, Way Too Early Packers Final Roster Prediction

The 2018 NFL Draft is in the books and so is the 90 man roster that the Green Bay Packers will carry into training camp and the preseason. With the exception of some turn over on the very bottom of the roster or a surprise post-draft free agent signing, the team that will eventually become […]

Handicapping the Right Side of the Offensive Line

Handicapping the Right Side of the Offensive Line: With the left side of the Green Bay Packers offensive line firmly intact for years to come, they have set themselves up through the draft and player development to have ample options to effectively fill in the right side of the offensive line for the duration of […]

Packers in the Most Danger of Being Cut

When a team that expects to make the playoffs every season is not playing in January, the entire organization tends to be put on ice. For the Packers, it started with a major overhaul in the front office, but before long it will trickle down into the locker room. With so many positions on the […]


Avert Your Eyes From Packers in Disguise:

Avert your Eyes from the Packers in Disguise: It is safe to say that there were many parts of yesterdays game that made you want to close your eyes and hide. There were even many points during yesterday’s game where I had to avert my eyes away from the television because the offensive play was […]


What to Look Forward to the Rest of the Season

Things are looking grim for the Green Bay Packers. Getting embarrassed on national television at Lambeau Field against a mediocre Lions team has a way of humbling fans. I had thought of writing about all the potential replacements for Mike McCarthy today (as I did a year ago), but that just lead to the Packers […]


Week 3 Preseason Quick Hitters, Kaep, & ESPN

The second to last preseason game has traditionally been the big tuneup for the first team varsity squad going into the regular season. Let’s take a peek at what to keep an eye on for Week 3 of the preseason.   Keep Rodgers’s Jersey Clean We saw enough against the Redskins. Rodgers and his receivers […]