Aaron Jones’s Lone Carry Sinks Bucs Ship ???? in Overtime

Surviving the Attempted Mutany:

Sunday Afternoon’s 26-20 overtime win at Lambeau Field was the first step in the quest to “run the table again”. The Packers entered SundayAfternoons contest against the Buccaneers knowing that every game from here on out is a must win. The intensity in the air was apparent and at times, the tension and frustration were palpable. Despite being outgained, and at times being dominated at the point of attack, The Green Bay Packers made many timely plays on defense that ultimately propelled them to victory.

The offensive line played well and stepped up with the game on the line. They played a crucial role in the 199 yards of rushing offense that the Packers were able to amass throughout the course of the game. Jamaal Williams had yet another stand out performance, totaling 113 yards and a touchdown on 21 carries. Mike McCarthy relied heavily on the run, as the Packers ran the ball 29 times and passed the ball just 22 times. This win was a potentially season-altering win because the Packers found a way to win a game in which they were statistically dominated in total yards and time of possession.

Stars of the Game:⭐️

The Green Bay Packers Front Seven:

Although the Packers gave up 270 yards through the air and 165 yards on the ground, the Green Bay Packers front seven forced 3 fumbles, recovered a fumble for a touchdown, hit Jameis Winston 13 times, and sacked him 7 times for losses of 40 total yards. In almost every pre-game primer, I have talked about how the Packers defense needs to get consistent penetration on opposing offensive lines, a consistent pass rush against the Quarterback and needs to be able to complete sacks when given the opportunity. On Sunday afternoon, the Packers front seven accomplished every facet of that game plan and completely changed the outcome of the game.

Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones:

Jamaal Williams’s confidence continues to grow week in and week out. After a slow start, Williams kept on working hard in practice and learning from his mistakes. When being forced into action due to injuries to Ty Montgomery and Aaron Jones, Williams made the most of his opportunities and now is a focal part of the Packers offense. On Sunday afternoon, Williams had his best performance of the season. With Brett Hundley being a nonfactor in the game, Williams was able to be the focal point of the Packers offensive attack and average over 5.3 yards per carry on 21 attempts. Whenever the Packers offense needed a big play, Williams was there to deliver a first down to extend a drive or a touchdown to cap off a drive.

Aaron Jones has made the most of his opportunities from the start of training camp. Many feared that Jones could miss the season after suffering a knee injury against the Chicago Bears. Jones refused to let the knee injury in Chicago define his season. He worked hard all throughout the rehab process and made it back to game action in just three weeks of suffering the injury. All of Jones’s hard work in rehab was rewarded when coach McCarthy called his number in overtime Sunday afternoon. The rest, as they say, is history, as Jones made the most of his lone carry of the game, turning it into a game-winning 20-yard touchdown run.

The offensive line:

The Green Bay Packers offensive line has been much maligned throughout the 2017- 2018 season. Injuries and inconsistent play have brought with it, harsh criticism. On Sunday afternoon, the offensive line looked to write a new script for their season, and redefine their performance as we head into December and January. Their first December audition certainly did not disappoint, as they created many holes and running lanes for Jamaal Williams to exploit and turn into big gains. The offensive lines’ consistent push throughout the game, allowed Jamaal Williams to run downhill and drive his shoulders at the teeth of the Tampa defense all afternoon.

Looking Ahead:

With the contest against the Buccaneers completed, it is now time to turn to next weeks matchup against the 0-12 Cleveland Browns. The Green Bay Packers need to realize that they will have to withstand the Browns fiercest shots. The Browns see a Packers team coming into Cleveland without their star quarterback and most likely see this as their best chance to win a game this season. The Packers are starting to play good football right now and must continue to make big plays on both sides of the ball. Again, the main objective for the Packers this week is to survive next Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns and advance to Carolina with a win, and hopefully a healthy Aaron Rodgers.


David Michalski is a recent college graduate from Princeton New Jersey who has been a life long Green Bay Packers fan. Like the great Vince Lombardi, he values God, family, and the Green Bay Packers in that order. You can follow him on twitter at @kilbas27dave



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  1. Use Hundley in run, short pass option. Put Williams and Jones in the same backfield and use Mays or Rip for a blow, two wideouts, and TE or slot receiver. My offensive thoughts to help Big Mike.

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