3 Reasons Why the Pack Will Be Back in 2018

When you have arguably the best quarterback in the National Football League and he goes down to injury half-way through the year, it makes gauging the season a tad difficult. Having said that, the Packers have a recipe for success and with #12 coming back next year, look for the Packers to challenge the Vikings in the NFC North right away. Besides the obvious, here are three reasons why I see it going this way.

Reason #1. The Packers, through no choice, found an adequate running game after Rodgers went down. Between the thunderous style of Jamaal Williams and the lightning-quick strike ability of Aaron Jones, Rodgers should have the threat of a legitimate running game when he returns full time. There are plenty of other teams who utilize this 1-2 punch in their offensive schemes, with the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings coming to mind.

Reason #2. The Packers basically got little out of this draft class but some of these guys are destined to make the well-noted “year 2” jump. Most notably, one such player is Kevin King on the outside. King showed great promise this year and he did it in spite of a severely injured shoulder. This kid basically played on one arm this year. He was easily the most athletic cornerback with the length, speed, and strength to jam the receiver and get him off his route. Another player destined to show a lot more in his sophomore season is Josh Jones. Jones appeared to play his best football near the line of scrimmage but was often out of position in coverage. Look for this physical specimen to be more sound in his second season. He, along with King, will vastly improve a secondary that is in dire need of improvement.

Reason #3. Look for the Packers to make some noise in this year’s draft. With the #14 pick in this year’s draft, I think the Packers will immediately upgrade the pass rush with a day one starter. Either Arden Key, LSU or Harold Landry, Boston College would definitely fit the bill here. The Packers will get back to rushing the passer which will help the secondary immensely.

Given these three reasons, the Pack will be back in 2018. Book it.


10 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why the Pack Will Be Back in 2018

  1. You did not list the two most obvious reasons: 1) The return of Aaron Rodgers 2) A new Defensive Coordinator

  2. Regarding the running game, the question is, will McCarthy bother to use Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones? He stubbornly sticks with one lead RB. We also are a pass first team. There was a damning article on packersnews with statistics on how pass happy we really are.

    With run-pass option (RPO) plays, do you honestly think Aaron Rodgers will lean toward a running play? Factor in McCarthy’s history of poor usage (i.e. having Eddie Lacy run outside rather than between the tackles) and we have a recipe for wasted talent on our bench. We may not have a 1,000 yard rusher again for a while. McCarthy has GOT to utilize Jones and Williams like the Saints and Vikings do with their RBs.

    Last but not least, we need the offensive line to make it all work. Nothing will work if Rodgers is running for his life and there are no holes to run through. Jahri Evans must be replaced, Bulaga has an injury history as thick as a phone book and Jason Spriggs looks like a bust so far. 2018 will be make or break for him, but this collective bargaining agreement does not help any young offensive lineman who needs more practice time.

  3. as basically mentioned: guys returning from injuries will be big.. not just Rodgers, King and Bulaga If he remains a Packer) but guys like Adams and Biegel too. with a decent 2018 draft class to assist, the D should improve over last year.

    also, the Pack have another off-season to repair TE. Go Pack, Go!

  4. Please.

    Watching the Playoffs, it’s clear the difference in talent between these teams and Green Bay is enormous. We’re light years from that level, if only in terms of speed.

    Compared to ours, any of these rosters look like a feeding frenzy of lightning-fast sharks versus…a somewhat angry turtle.

    We’re not close, folks. Not remotely. Wake up.

    1. Agree. Our defense lacks team speed, confidence, and nasty attitudes. Our offense lacks quick, fast, breakout receivers who can get some separation; then again, MM schemes don’t help receivers at all. It’s amazing we don’t use more rubs and crossing routes? Always down and to outside!

      1. Well put. That’s a good breakdown of our problems.

        This team is a mess, and while I’m sure it will improve, I wish we hadn’t kept McCarthy.

        1. MM is a problem the Pack doesn’t see. Just eye the offense!! Also, MM is only changing position titles on most positions; same problems will exist. Let’s hope Pettiness can improve the defense with Mikes buddies still coaching. As far as offense we still have Rodgers tolerating MM lack of creative and predictable play calling. Always the same schemes which defense briefly study and figure out. As far as using our maybe great backs do you really think he’ll run more or use the backs completely? I doubt it.

          1. McCarthy should change the titles of his coordinators to Offensive Scapegoat and Defensive Scapegoat.

  5. Defense must just get better then average. CNt get any worse in situational defense which ranked 31st. Also, will McMike utilize the running backs? Always says it, but never has stuck with the run game at all. His creative genius in play calling is very predictable with schemes read by other defensea before the snap. So change from MM? Doubt it.

  6. The Giants need help on their offensive line and we need help at corner. Let’s trade Bulaga to the Giants for Eli Apple Apple isn’t happy in the Big Apple and would be a boost to our secondary. Bulaga though an excellent tackle has been injury prone and is getting older and Spriggs should be ready to take over. I think we should also draft a right tackle this year.

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