Murphy Knows Business: is that enough?

Packers team president Mark Murphy surely has done some good things as the Packers president. He turned the area around Lambeau Field into a money-making machine known as the “Titletown District.” Some may compare this to when former Packers president, Bob Harlan, got a vote to pass by a small margin to renovate Lambeau Field. After that renovation, success on the field followed. Much of the reason stands that Lambeau Field became a year-long venue hosting a multitude of events rather than just a really nice football stadium. Will it be the same now for the Packers?

It seems like Murphy understands the business aspect of the organization. Will he understand the football side equally as well? Since Ted Thompson stepped down as GM, Murphy has restructured the chain of authority and now both the GM and Head Coach report to him. From a layperson’s point of view, this could be extremely dangerous and set up for a monumental power struggle between head coach and GM. Is Green Bay big enough for the egos attached to McCarthy, Gutenkunst and Murphy?

If Murphy understands the football side of things, this may turn out more than ok for the Packers moving forward. If he doesn’t, times could get seriously tough for the team, rivaling what happened in the 70’s and 80’s. I don’t know about you, but we Packer fans have been extremely fortunate over the last 25+ years. Let’s just hope we get another few years of winning football as well. Time will tell but these decisions will set the course for the Packers over the next 10-20 years. If all else fails, you’ll still have some winter tubing to do in January. Scary thought, huh?


One thought on “Murphy Knows Business: is that enough?

  1. Hey, Murphy forget the development and fix the football team, do what’s right, the Packers were a lot better when they had players, not a area for cash around Lambeau Field.

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