Green Bay Packers Offensive Rant: 3 things that drive me nuts!!!

The term fan is short for “fanatical.” Yes, I admit to being just that for the Green Bay Packers. My fandom stretches 365/24/7. To give the reader some context, know that I rarely will watch a Packers game with anyone other than my family. During the game, all bets are off as to the language I will use throughout the game. In addition, I have two different tattoos that show my beloved team how much I appreciate them. One is the Packer ‘G’ that you could find on my right shoulder and the other is a Vince Lombardi quote on my left pectoral muscle. Yes, I’ve permanently marked my body for the team. Loving the Packers is easy but being a fan causes for an emotional rollercoaster ride that never seems to end. There are highs and there are certainly lows. The following section will bring light to three things that the Packers seem to do (or not do) consistently that drive me nuts.

#1. Wide Receivers rarely gain separation. For what feels like forever or at least during the Favre-Rodgers QB era, the Packers receivers hardly separate themselves from the defenders. Sure, there are splash plays which one could point to that would say they do, but consistently it seems like our quarterbacks have to put the ball in the tightest of windows. Compare our pass catchers with those from other teams for a moment. How about Minnesota and Adam Thielen? I give major props to him for really coming on strong the last couple of seasons. Thielen often seems to run free in the opposing secondary. How does this happen? Is it scheme or is he just really that good? When has a Packers receiver run routes all alone one play after another? Another team that seems to have this figured out is the New England Patriots. Whether it’s Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola or Brandin Cooks, these guys simply get open. Again, is this scheme related, speed related, route-running? In my opinion, we need to find some receivers that can simply turn on the burners. It may be time to invest a first or second round pick on someone who comes with the total package. Easier said than done.

#2. Offense lacks balance. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard Coach McCarthy speak about wanting to create more balance in the offense. It is definitely one thing to say it, but quite another to establish it. I get the Packers having arguably the best quarterback on the planet, however, the Packers may find it far more beneficial to have the defense respect and honor the ground game. The Packers are more equipped to pull this off now more than in recent past. The running backs stable is full with Ty Montgomery returning from his injury next year and the rookie trio of Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones and Devante Mays. I will admit that McCarthy does ratchet up the running game in December at home when the weather turns but it makes perfect sense to do that from the opening kickoff of week 1. If the defense isn’t pinning its ears back to get to Rodgers knowing he’ll be throwing 40+ passes per game, what would the passing game look like? Can you think of a better quarterback to have in the playaction game?

#3. Offense lacks an athletic tight end. It’s no secret that McCarthy speaks very highly of the tight end position. Ted Thompson unsuccessfully tried to address it this year by bringing in Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks. I think we can all agree that it hasn’t exactly worked out. The Packers need a tight end that can emulate Jermichael Finley’s “better” qualities. Sure, Finley missed blocks at times and he definitely had the drops but he was a player that the other team needed to scheme for. The Packers need a tight end who can stretch the middle of the field and be a presence. Sometimes it’s just having the threat of the deep seem route that can open up a lot on the outside as well as the underneath stuff. The Packers haven’t had that threat in a while and the defenses surely know it. Teams are filling the box and sitting on routes, almost daring the Packers to go over the top or down the middle. It’s high time that they do.

In conclusion, those are three things that drive me nuts in regards to the Packers offense. Do you agree with any or all of these? What drives you nuts as a Packers fan in terms of their offense? Speak up. Be heard. It’s your right as a fanatical follower of the team from 1265 Lombardi Avenue.

Robert Martin bleeds green and gold despite living in North Dakota, where many cheer for the purple. He is currently a writer for You can follow him on Twitter @robertmartinPHD.

22 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Offensive Rant: 3 things that drive me nuts!!!

  1. Packers fan in general over-exaggerate the openness of our receivers. If Theilen is always running open, how is it the Vikings only scored 7 points in the NFC Championship Game?! I’ve watched plenty of other football games besides the Packers and our receivers are not the only ones having difficulty getting separation. The teams that are successful at it have both the players to do it AND the plays designed to get them open. That’s why, in part, I see the articles about the Packers updating their offensive plays. They need to design better plays to allow their players to get open.
    The thing that drives me crazy is third and one or two and watching the Packers throw a 30-yard pass with little chance for success. Winning third down is critical to time of possession and, obviously, keeping drives alive in order to enhance the ability to score. Get the first down!!! THEN take your shot down field!

    1. Oh how right you are. That sticks in my craw the same way. What the heck is that all about. I personally think McCarthy reminds me of a gambler who loses more than he wins.

      1. Gamblers try to make the best predictable play based on the odds, not MM. Problem still there, you’ll see!

        1. McCarthy can’t come up with a good game plan . They all know every play he’s going to call .. Same every week …..

      2. His runs are always up the middle , if you can’t make the hole ,you can’t run it …

    2. I agree. Third and one, long pass? Move the chains.I remember when Favre had a playoff championship game at Lambeau and threw long and wide to Driver when a back was wide open 8 yards down the field! Interception, game over. Same pattern with MM play calling, bad!! Other problem was our defense too on third downs, situational defense; teams convert constantly. So both sides of ball falls on the head coach! Many other examples could be given of meltdowns in championship games!! Play to not lose!! Soft offense, soft defense, 3 man rush, etc. Two rings in near 20 years with two HOF QB’s? Seriously!!

    3. Good points but Thielen was playing with fractures in his back. He simply wasn’t healthy in the championship game. Not to mention Keenum really fell back to reality in a sense. I agree with your take on the 3rd and one or two. I don’t even have a problem with that if they know ahead of time they are going for it on 4th down. On the flip side, I also can’t stand the 3rd and 8 and they throw it for 5 and expect a YAC play for the first down! Frustrating beyond belief…

  2. I just watched a NFL films story of the New England Patriots 2014 season. Their head coach is a genius, pure and simple. Their offensive and defensive planning is beyond anything I have ever seen. In the Super Bowl that year, against Seattle, the team had practiced over and over a single play that the Sea Hawks might use at the goal line. When the time was right, Belichick saw just a few clues that made them put that play into action…wow. Packers don’t seem to recognize anything. On top of that, the Patriots use several plays I have never seen the Packers even guess at; ineligible player, double pass are a couple. The story was really eye opening. Where is that level of coaching in Green Bay. Of course it requires players who can actually DO THEIR JOB.

    1. Players, yes doing their jobs, IF put in the best positions, which they are not. Who is responsible ultimately? MM.

    2. McCarthy should watch some collage games and learn something ….

  3. I agree 100% with the points made. Schemes are predictable and not creative. MM fails to adjust and use personnel effectively. Other teams study our film and know the play before the snap. We need quicker, faster receivers. Possession receivers are good, but speed, qiuck, separation receivers. We got Rodgers and teams know it’s a passing offense, so they shut down the pass first with press coversge. Run? Not MM. He is dependent on Rodgers with the inability to adjust or change during a game! Great coaches adjust, flex, change. Not MM. Same next year fans! !

      1. You’re right Bob. Next season will show his genius based on results! Let’s hope for the best; but I’m nervous about him. Change???? Go Pack.

    1. I’m not the only one , McCarthy has to go , he’s the whole problem …..

      1. One SB early ,why? Rodgers!! Since 2010 not much improvement. Learning curve very low for MM.

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