The first Packer game I attended at Lambeau was versus the Bears in 2002. I saved $500 for two tickets, a bus ride to and from Dubuque, IA, and a free tailgate. My boyfriend at the time opted out, so I went with a friend.

Despite that fact, I ended up marrying the same guy in late 2005. Together, we spent our first Christmas, at Lambeau, on December 25th for Bears versus Packers. I saw a live reindeer outside the stadium, true story. Magical, as always!

Similar to Christmas Day 2005, the Bears played spoilers for us on Thanksgiving Day 2015. My husband and I hosted a ten-person sit-down Thanksgiving tailgate; Chef Ron carved a turkey in the pouring rain, Carmen made the most beautiful centerpieces, and Packer Jeff gave a toast.  With both Bart Starr and Brett Favre on the field together for the #4 jersey retirement ceremony at halftime, the Packers ended up taking an L.

Thanksgiving 2015 was the last time the Packers lost to the Bears.

I equate the Bears contingent to a cousin or half-sibling who’s known to spoil a holiday. You know the one. We respect each other because we’re cut from the same smash mouth DNA. We know each other too well, and we have a history. We are loyal, we compete, and we keep score.

Out of 196, it’s 96-94-6 Green Bay.

We get our digs in.

Much like the Chicago Tribune’s tweet following the Rodgers contract extension “Wisconsin man gets a pay raise” or the sympathy card I sent a Bear’s friend of mine before the 2010 NFC Championship game. Do you remember B.J. Raji’s pick-six in that game? I do.

Lest we forget, smoking Jay Cutler.

This week everyone will gather at Lambeau for week one. I’ll admit we’re hosting a few Bear’s fans at our tailgate. Over Spotted Cow, they’ll pretend not to see the Bears logo on my trash can, and I’ll half listen when they talk about their shiny new pass rusher.  Before I forget, I should mention on the menu is Chicago style hot dogs.

Bears fans should expect “Bear Still Suck” everything (shirts, signs, stickers, pins) and to hear the “Bears Still Suck” chant anywhere a line is formed. I’m not exaggerating.

This week I’m most looking forward tailgating all day while watching the early games outside in the parking lot on my tailgate TV, chanting “Bears Still Suck” at least once, and of course, seeing our starters take the field under the lights of Sunday Night Football. I expect the Packers to extend the streak to five consecutive wins over the Bears.

A 13x World Champion vibe always; I leave you with a quote from the man in Wisconsin that got a pay raise “It does feel good knowing my future is going to be in Green Bay.”