Green Bay Packers Week Two: Beat Your Rivals – Not The Traffic

As time expired ending the first half of Sunday Night Football, my husband turned my way and asked me to check the internet for an update on Rodgers.

“I’m not going on the internet right now,” I said.

To my right sat two middle-aged Bears fans who had driven up from Chicago. It was their first time to Lambeau and, in addition to sharing their thoughts on how nice everyone was they were inspired to share at least one tasteful meme that had shown up already online.

At halftime, I suggested that they should “leave now to beat the traffic.” They didn’t.

The best thing up until this point was our tailgate.

First in our parking lot by 9:45 am, validated shortly after that by another tailgater, we hosted about 30 people throughout the day. Everyone enjoyed watching the early games outside, and I received a couple of compliments on my “Chicago Dogs.” I got a good photo for Instagram, and thus the ten bucks spent on one jar of authentic ‘sport peppers’ was worth it.

Back to the game for the second half and you know what happens next.

For those watching at home, I hope you stayed up. From what I heard, everyone did.

For those there, I hope you stayed. From what I saw, everyone did.

No one decided to ‘beat the traffic’ and collectively we held our breath every single play of the second half.

We stood for the entire fourth quarter, and it was super loud in the stadium on defensive downs.

I lost my voice.

Following the incomplete pass on fourth down where Clay Matthews got flagged for roughing the passer, the Bears fans sitting next to me shook hands and headed out – only to return to their seats. It took everyone in the stadium a while to notice that the penalty was called. We then buckled up for the eventual final fourth-down stand and continued to hold our breath as time expired.

On the walk to the car following the W my husband commented on quiet it was. The reality of what we had just witnessed was sinking in. Wow, just wow.

Together, stuck in traffic, we enjoyed the car ride to the hotel listening to the post game and eating double stuff Oreos.

This week I’m most looking forward to surfing the internet for any and all things relating to this win over the Bears, and of course week two versus the Vikings! Folks traveling from Milwaukee as part of the gold season ticket package, you know the drill, be prepared for traffic.

A 13x World Champion vibe always; I leave you with a quote spoken in Section 108, 3rd quarter, by a twenty-something woman to a twenty-something man “Stand Up. Yell Louder!!”