Cheesehead Radio: So, Where Do We Point The Finger Now?

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There’s no denying it: The Green Bay Packers 2018 campaign has resulted in a disappointing losing season and dashed from the playoffs for the second year in a row. After this final dagger from the Bears, where do the Packers go from here?

With three games left on the schedule and an uncertain offseason ahead, the CHR Gang come together to break down this game and look towards the future.

Join us for our segments of “Who Moved My Cheese”, “The Playbook”, “Tweets of the Week”, “Hot Pockets”, and “Packer Game Predictions” as we break down the Cardinals aftermath!

Join crusty old veteran co-hosts CD Angeli and Jersey Al Bracco as they welcome a familiar new voice into the booth, Kelly Hodgson-Kline. We’ll be with you every game this season, so listen in live and start out the week on the right track.

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One thought on “Cheesehead Radio: So, Where Do We Point The Finger Now?

  1. This has been a poorly run organization of good ole boys, and the worm has finally turned. You can’t miss on 1st round draft picks over and over and over again. You can’t end every season with 20+ guys on IR. You can’t keep running the same stale offense for decades and not expect to eventually be understood. You can’t assume your coaching staff is fine when the same areas have been weak forever. The amusing part is, when they finally did decide to change the head coach out, there is no blue chip answer like there was last year! And finally, IF the organization blows it in implementing this next head coach, we could be in for a decade or more of recovery time, in once again, rebuilding the entire organization from the top down. As a very long standing Packers fan, I see the 70’s and 80’s on the horizon for this franchise. If they get a great head coach and absolutely nail it, this is still 2-3 years minimum, and that in assuming they even draft well? This is still the Ted Thompson GM tree? It’s not like we have John Dorsey whom already has Cleveland (in 1 year) playing more competitive football that the Packers! Our roster is stale, and full of expensive, oft injured glass football players, and guys who used to be stars, that have become mediocre. This franchise is officially REBUILDING! The success of that depends on this new head coach selection, and pretty much flawless execution in drafting 6-8 new stars over the next few seasons. Does anything they’ve done in the last 5 years give me any level of confidence in the decision making, or player personnel decisions? Answer… No! I’m still waiting..

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