Rodgers to Play Sunday @ Jets. No Thanks to Philbin

I love this time of the year.

Driving down the snowy streets of Green Bay basking in the Christmas decorations and lights spread across the town. Being with family, opening presents, firing up my favorite Christmas movie, and collecting another NFC North divisional ti…wait a second.

The Packers were eliminated from the playoff picture to their old foe, the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Hmmm, I think I will “Irish” up this glass of eggnog now. Last year was an anomaly with Aaron Rodgers being injured and watching Brett Hundley behind center was like the lump of coal sprayed in green and gold.

Packers had their worst season since 2008 and there was no excuse for how this team performed. 0-7 on the road, averaging between 8-11 players on the injury report, and a team that finally accepted that they are not a good football team and it starts with their golden boy and Pro Bowl quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

For the first time, Rodgers no longer walked on water or was the media darling. He was rightfully criticized for his play, his body language, and even his deep ball accuracy. No, not because of his 134 million dollar contract. Believe me, I cannot believe how watered down that argument is, he should be criticized because he is the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. As Al Pacino told Jamie Foxx from Any Given Sunday.

You’re a (expletive) quarterback! You know what that means? It’s the top spot, kid. It’s the guy who takes the fall. It’s the guy everybody’s looking at first – the leader of a team – who will support you when they understand you. Who will break their ribs and their noses and their necks for you, because they believe. ‘Cause you make them believe. That’s a quarterback.

Which means if Rodgers chooses to play or not play at New York on Sunday and the season finale against the last place Lions. It is his choice. He has earned that right and it is not going to be the decision of the interim head coach, Joe Philbin. According to Rich Cimini of ESPN, Philbin refused to name the starter for Sunday. Leading to Rodgers telling Rob Demovsky of ESPN that he was playing on Sunday. Nothing like reminding the fanbase how messed up this season continues to be until December 30th at 3:25pm when the Packers 2018 season will finally end after the Lions leave Lambeau Field.

I am not going to sit here and plead like a lot of media for Rodgers to sit out. Yes, he hurt his groin against the Bears last Sunday after his knee injury continued to heal that he also injured against Chicago back in Week 1. You want to use the sit out situation in Carolina with quarterback Cam Newton, but there is a difference. Ron Rivera is still the head coach of the Carolina Panthers and whatever he says still goes. Philbin decided to play chicken with the media and lost as soon as Rodgers insisted he was playing. Like the equivalent of a bad online date that would not pick up the bill for dinner.

Like I said before, I love this time of the year. Only in a warped way now.

At least Christmas Eve is Monday.


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19 thoughts on “Rodgers to Play Sunday @ Jets. No Thanks to Philbin

  1. There’s absolutely no reason for Rodgers to play on Sunday. We know he’s tough and has nothing to prove. By losing the last two games against teams who right now will pick ahead of us in the draft we’ll improve our draft stock. I hate to lose,but let’s face it it’s a billion dollar business. Dropping the last two games to the Jets and Lions moves us up the draft board. We could parley two first round picks for Bosa who’s a stud and an EDGE rusher we’ve been crying for and will be the prize possession of the draft. It also means by losing the last two games we could possibly have three picks in the top forty. C’mon we need EDGE,offensive line and another stud wide receiver. Let’s not waste this draft when we can restock the team with young talent and protect the franchise with offensive line help. Also let’s not forget to draft a tight end by the third round talented enough to start opening day. GO PACK GO!!! Let’s get back in the postseason next year it stinks sitting out of the playoffs.

    1. Oh hell, play him. Kizer is not the next great one, face it. Play and start others on offense and defense. Start Kumerow and Tonyan for me. Brown on defense, Burks too.

      1. I would love to see Tonyan get more time in these two games. Let the youngster get some playing time so he has more to bring to the field next year.

        1. Tonyan could be a stud at tight end next year. I hope he works more with Arod. He’s got good size and good hands. Same thing goes for Kumerow.

      2. Jimmy Graham has been in the Top Ten for TEs all season in yards, receptions, and average.

        1. I owe you an apology Old School. It sounds like you’ve been around as long as Dennis and I and we have loved the Packers our entire lives. I’m sorry for ever making you think I didn’t want the Packers to win Sunday. Frustration makes you say things you wouldn’t otherwise say. Not in the playoffs two years in a row stinks and I’m from Pennsylvania. The Eagles finally won the Super Bowl and that’s all I’ve been hearing and now Foles is at it again.I’m 66 and Ray Nitschke was my favorite player of all time. My daughter bought me a throwback jersey last year for Christmas and that’s what I want to be buried in. Merry Christmas and as always The Pack Will Be Back!!! GO PACK GO!!!

          1. I loved Ray, and I have a story. He was signing autographs at Hardees, and being a young smartass I commented on how Roman Gabriel had run him over that season. I’m just a couple of feet away and he gave me a look that almost caused an underwear malfunction.

            1. I was out for training camp in 1999 with my wife and asked about Ray. Someone told me there was a greasy spoon restaurant near training camp and Ray was a regular there. He had his special seat he sat in every day. You could tell it was his seat because the seat was bent all out of shape to fit the contour of his massive body. Lombardi loved him and never had to tell him he wasn’t giving everything he had. Butkus got all the credit when these guys played in the same era but Nitschke was my guy and always will be but both are HOF. Twelve players from my team that I grew up with and that will never happen again!!! Enjoyed your story.

      3. Agreed Dennis,I like Tonyan and Kumerow and I think Arod likes them too.

        1. Kumerow should be starting since he was activated. Big mistake as I’ve said plenty of times. Dumb Packers. Failure to change with a spark waiting to happen. As far as next year, keep Kumerow, Scant, St Brown. The rest of receivers dump. As far as TEs, keep Tonyan and Graham, even though I’m hesitant on Graham, dump the rest. O line keep Bak, Cory, as far as Baluga I’m hesitant, dump the rest.

    2. I think you should have your team leader and face of the franchise sit because that sends a clear message to the rest of the team that he’s important and you are not.

      When you are a TEAM, you are in it together, for better or worse. Playing for nothing but pride on a cold day in December is part of the worst.

      I also don’t understand this obsession with getting an edge rusher. Do you realize the Packers are one of the best teams in the NFL in pressuring the QB? Do you realize we don’t have an NFL caliber safety on the roster? Do you realize that we haven’t been able to put two healthy CBs on the field for much of this year?

      And this theory that we shouldn’t try to win because it improves our draft selection……that’s just nuts. As Lombardi said, “winning is a habit; unfortunately, so is losing”. Play to win, it’s as simple as that.

      1. Rodgers is not healthy. A groin injury is the reason the corners have not been playing this year, If EDGE rushers don’t matter to you then what the hell did the Bears pay so much money to Mack for and all he did was help their defense get 100% better. I hope they sign Earl Thomas to upgrade the safety position which could have been solved if we didn’t pass on Derwin James who fell in our lap. I HATE TO LOSE so don’t get me mixed up for someone who hasn’t been a Packers fan for over 50 years.It’s a 10 billion dollar business and we are a draft and develop team and almost always have been so for this reason draft position does matter. Kizer should play even though I’d much rather see Arod out there. Even so the Jets on the road won’t be easy if he plays or not the Jet fans are as loyal as Packer fans. We had the ninth pick in the draft back in 2009 and Raji and Mathews were our first two picks, Since then we’ve been picking around 27 to 32. The 2009 draft had a great deal to do with us winning the Super Bowl in 2010. I watch the combine every year and try to pick who I think would be the best player at every position that the Packers should select. This year I like Nick Bosa Joey’s younger brother who would help our defense the same way Mack helped the Bears. We better draft a plug and play right tackle to help protect the franchise since the Bears will be great on defense for the rest of Rodgers career. Another stud receiver across from Adams and a tight end would solidify our offense. I’m sorry if you don’t like what I said or mis interpreted my feelings I bleed Green and Gold and HATE to lose but be real this season got away from us again because of injuries to our defensive front and defensive backs. Let’s pick the right head coach first and then a great draft could go a long way to building a team we can get back to winning a Super Bowl or two before Rodgers retires. GO PACK GO!!!! Let’s get a strength and conditioning coach TOO who can work with our players and keep down the amount of injuries.

        1. Nobody is healthy at this point in the season.

          And Mack helped the Bears. So did Roquan Smith. So did Trubiskeys improvement.

          There is no TE in this draft who will be better than Graham was this season.

          We are missing quite a few defensive starters, but the reason this season got away from us is an offense that disappeared for long stretches during games.

          Getting a franchise QB in this draft should be priority #1.

          1. I thought the draft positioning wasn’t important to you yet you mention Tribisky who they leaped up in the draft to acquire and yes Smith was a sideline to sideline linebacker at Georgia and now with the Bears. I don’t want to argue with you I just want the Packers to stop wasting another HOF QB. How lucky are we to have back to back HOF QBs .The Bears went through 20 QBs when we had Brett Favre and Rodgers. We should have more Super Bowl appearances and Super Bowl wins with Brett and Aaron leading the Pack. Here’s to finding the right head coach who can work with Rodgers

            1. I think there are several HOF QBs in the league who haven’t had any more success than Rodgers. Brees comes to mind. Matt Ryan. Phillip Rivers. Have they been wasted?

              The Bears didn’t have to trade up for Trubiskey….they could have stayed and taken Mahomes or Watson. The Packers will probably be picking at #11 and #31 in the first round. No need to tank just so we can move up to #7.

  2. Walking the streets of GB. How quite and no traffic. Yes a great stadium and player facilities, with wonderful care of injuries. Quite rest time for sure. This is certainly an attractive place for a new coach and wife. Perhaps they could tail gate for fun, or go for a slide. Visit the auto zone parking lot? I hope we can attract a quality coach? Now tell me about the advantages to attract a great coach, and attract FA’s? Money? Blast me now.

  3. Thanks to dennis, James, John Nash, Old School and KanneMe. This was a lot of fun to read your takes on my piece. Have a Happy New Year and it is fun to say this offseason is just days from starting.

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