I Need Your Help!

Most Packers fans know that right before the draft and right after the draft are some of the more boring times because the lack of real football and any big news.

With that being said, I need your help knowing what you fans would like to read about. I can start a series of related posts that last until training camp or something along those line.

Please comment below your suggestions! Thanks!


5 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. Hey Sam!

    A few things I’d like to hear more about…

    -what kind of offseason is happening for players rehabbing from injuries sustain last season? Do they have their own programs or does the team stay involved?

    -what are 2nd year players, who have never had a veteran offseason before, doing to elevate their game?

    – since special teams was such an area of weakness last year, what are some ways the packers can improve?

    – for long time veterans such as Mason Crosby, how has their offseason training evolved over the years in the league?

  2. i would like to see some more in-depth articles on the new players and coaches, not just on-field statistics but more into their backgrounds and family life so we can get to know them a little better.

    I would also like to see that include some of the current veteran players. I know nothing about many of these guys other than what I read in their Packers.com bios.

  3. Do what most media pundits do, go to the Frozen Tundra board, and rip off entire articles and posts and responses from TheVOR. Sorry, it’s just true, even Terry Bradshaw has and did a 5 minute pregame piece on the WR/DB Contact Rules segment I did on the Frozen Tundra Board.

    How about Jake Kumerow, keep hearing about Trevor Davis? REALLY? Trevor Davis should have cut 2 years ago? What has Moore done to work on his hands, because he was a MONSTER miss thus far, what happened, or is this real player, Mr. Tundra Dropsy.

    The fact that GB lacks a Bell Cow Running back? The media keeps insisting that Aaron Jones is a Monster! He Makes huge plays, and he needs to somehow make some Mystical Jump? Aaron Jones as a situational back (which he is by the way, he’s not a Bell Cow, and we need one), does exactly what we need him to, when he touches the ball he has huge plays. The problem is he doesn’t have the Bell Cow body. If he becomes a feature back, he’ll be out of the NFL in 2-3 years because he won’t be able to stay on the field. Is Williams the answer? Not Yet? Why haven’t the Packers pursued a work horse?

    Aaron Rodgers has had 2 lame back to back seasons? Is this the new Aaron Rodgers? Broken Collar Bones are a big deal, and he’s had massive reconstructions on them. Will he ever be the same guy as the pre-injury version, and should we even expect that?

    The truth about torn Labrum’s? Lets get real, it’s torn until surgically repaired. Why is everyone BS-ing themselves? Is the right move to have Gary get the surgery now and acknowledge the fact that he needs it, rather than have him play thru an entire season in pain and limited mobility, with huge expectations that he’ll never meet, riding on his shoulders?

    OTA’s who pops out as a big time athlete that we’re not expecting, or who’s made the jump?

    Kicking competition – Crosby and the guy who can’t make FG’s in real games.

    On and On, this publication should hire me, I can spew this stuff all day long, and I don’t have to ask. I’ve covered this team for 56 years.

  4. How about some interesting human interest stories regarding former or current players during this slow period? I have a great Bart Starr story if you are interested.

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