Players to watch for at OTAs

J’Mon Moore, WR: Draftniks and fans alike expected more from Moore in 2018. The first of three wide receivers drafted in Brian Gutekunst first draft, The twenty-three year old from Texas was thought to be the pass-catcher most likely to contribute in his first year with the Packers. The complete opposite took place. Number 82 struggled to show enough in practice to even get on the field and ended up playing only 74 total snaps! Catching only 2 passes for 15 yards is a far cry from what was expected. Don’t count Moore out quite yet though. He remains a nuanced route runner with the capability to make DBs heads swirl when at his best. If he is able to show out in training camp for the new coaching staff, and gain the trust of Aaron Rodgers, a big year could be in store.

Robert Tonyan, TE: Everyone’s favourite number 85; sorry Chad, looked set to be a breakout candidate going into 2019. The Packers carried only the disappointing Jimmy Graham, and the aging blocking tight end that is Mercedes Lewis heading into the off-season. Then the Packers drafted Jace Sternberger, the highly thought of seam-stretcher from Texas A&M, so where does that leave Bob? The quarterback, turned wide receiver, turned tight end is as impressive an athlete as any on the team. He should fit seamlessly into Matt Lafleurs’ scheme, as the offense often hides tight ends in line before releasing them into space. Not many teams will be paying attention to Tonyan with Adams, Graham and Aaron Jones on the field. With his 4.58 40-yard dash speed, Tonyan could be a sneaky good contributor in 2019.

Tony Brown, CB: I for one, am a founding member of the Tony Brown fan-club, and I know I’m not alone Packers nation! Undrafted out of Alabama, Brown heads into his second year facing stiff competition for snaps in the Green Bay secondary. Of course, all of this could’ve been said at the beginning of last year, and Brown ended up appearing in 11 games for the Pack, even starting 3. At this point in his career, his tenacity and willingness to get his nose in on the action is his most impressive asset. He brings the attitude and urgency that has so often been missing in the Packers secondary these past few years. Brown is another elite athlete, running a 4.35 40-yard dash at the combine last year. He needs to improve in pass coverage, but has the physicality and athletic traits to stick in Green Bay for a long, long time. The Packers have turned undrafted free agents into valuable contributors in the secondary before, and Tony Brown could be next in line.

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12 thoughts on “Players to watch for at OTAs

  1. if these players are serious about their careers they will have done what it takes in the offseason to step up their game. If not, they probably won’t make the final roster.

    Fast food joints across the nation are filled with athletes that weren’t dedicated enough to do what was necessary to take their games to the next level.

  2. J’Mon Moore struggled last year as many receivers before him in Green Bay in their first season. I read where he planned to bury his head in the playbook and make himself into a target for Aaron to be able to count on this year. GO J’MON GO!!!

    1. I’ve spent the whole offseason laughing at people who write Moore off. I’ll still be laughing next offseason.

      Will Moore start over MVS and ESB? Doubtful. Those are freaks who also work hard. But the 3 of them comprise the most talented young group I’ve ever seen in Green Bay, and they’re only going to get better.

      Toss in Kumerow, and Adams has some serious talent running with him at wideout.

      1. You have a potential shut down defense. Who will get enuff rest time. As Matt’s offense eventually becomes a great ball control set up.. Rogers wont have to be NFL’s Buster Keaton anymore..

    2. Two words – Bad Hands – Or four words – Dropped Balls Lose Games..
      Take your pick, unless that gets fixed, he has no place on this roster. That’s not writing anyone off, that’s just true. The first step in Trust of Rodgers is don’t drop balls.

      1. Do you remember when James Jones had the same problem and he was able to correct it. One Word CONFIDENCE!! When J’mon Moore’s confidence grows you’ll see fewer to no drops. Rodgers is a tough man to please and I’m not giving up on him yet. He’s what we have to work with right now. Driver was a 7th round pick from Alcorn State.

        1. I like your optimism, you say “When” his confidence grows.. I say If his confidence grows, and it won’t if he keeps dropping balls. I have no personal attachment to any player, draft pick, etc.. A player selected in the 4th round needs to show something, so far, bubkus.. ! By the Way, Jame Jones? One of my all time favorite GB Packers!

          1. Fans were ready to give up on Davante Adams in his first couple of years. I’m hoping we didn’t waste another draft pick and he turns out to be a reliable target. I was hoping to draft A.J. Brown but we didn’t so yes I’m optimistic he’ll have a season showing growth at the position.

  3. Moore developing would be great and I wish the kid nothing but luck and the best moving forward. But of these three I really like Brown. I’ve said it numerous times… Outside of those two boneheaded plays he made in back to back weeks Brown played pretty well. Hopefully the new coaching staff develops em like Whitt did earlier in his career.

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