Denzel Mims is the perfect match for the Green Bay Packers

Every year during the NFL Scouting Combine, teams fall in love with players’ incredible physical traits. This draft season is no different, as you’ll see a variety of risers and fallers since the “underwear Olympics”. One of the biggest winners of the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine is Baylor wide receiver Denzel Mims.

Originally from Daingerfield, Texas, Mims most endearing qualities start at the line of scrimmage. His excellent release repertoire puts the receiver head and shoulders above his competition. Mims is well versed in the ways of hiding his true intentions. He bursts strongly off the line of scrimmage and forces corners to adjust. A true height, weight, speed freak, the 22-year old is exactly the type of athlete Green Bay has historically drafted at the wide receiver position.

Mims is a route running technician, showing consistent ability to separate from defensive backs at the top of his routes. He understands how to set up and sell corners on his routes with subtle steps. When evaluating receivers, football intelligence is often an overlooked aspect. Denzel Mims displays the ability to process what defenders are doing to deny him the football quickly, and adjust on the fly. These are the traits of a player who can become a difference maker at the next level.

For a wide receiver, Mims is an amazing blocker. He shows up on tape as an unrelenting and physical run blocker. Often forcing corners and safeties downfield many yards away from the play. A chest to chest, high effort blocker, Mims will be an asset to the Packers run game and instantly make the offense more multiple.

Unlike previous Baylor receivers, Mims supplements his unreal athleticism with consistent receiver traits. Mims separates well from coverage, and is fantastically explosive. He adds a phenomenal catch radius to boot. His sturdy, reliable hands will appeal to teams in the NFL. As defenses get faster, throwing windows shrink each and every year. The triumvirate of explosive athleticism, catch radius, and strong hands ensure Mims will become an instantly reliable target for the Green Bay Packers.

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5 thoughts on “Denzel Mims is the perfect match for the Green Bay Packers

  1. I’m hoping we draft Mims in the first or Jonathan Taylor if he’s still there at 30. Offense for sure with our first pick. I also like Justin Jefferson from LSU.

  2. Love Jonathan Taylor we certainly don’t need a running back we do need to get rid of Jamaal Williams and get Dexter up to speed Superior back

    Definitely want Jefferson or Mims and spend all our money on Rams linebacker stay away from Hooper

  3. Mims is the best WR in this class no matter what anyone says about Lamb.Ruggs and even Jeudy ! No WR in this class is a more complete package as is Mims and in this year of solid WRs saying he is the best is a huge deal . Watch film of Sterling Sharpe and Mims side by side and you will see a WR cut from the exact same mold ! Mims does everything Sharpe did when he attacks the ball and he uses his head the same way as well .Giving fits to opposing CBs and safeties . Even if the Packers need to move up to get him they should do it . He is a generational WR with the highest ceiling I have seen in a WR in a long long time because he is good at every aspect of the WR position . From getting open to contested catching .Catch radius to run blocking . Route running to facing press man . And he works tirelessly to improve his ability like a hall of famer . Whatever the Packers must to to put Mims in Green Bay they should do. Do not get cute and try to get him at a bargen ! JUST PICK HIM !!

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