Cheesehead Radio: Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Empty Stadium

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The Cheesehead Radio team, celebrating their TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY this season, return for the 2020 season amidst a pandemic. No preseason games, no practices open to the public, and a season opener against the Vikings next week in an empty stadium with piped in crowd noise.

Oh, wait…that’s every Vikings game.

The CHR team kick it off with some deep conversation about MVS, ESB, and the Packers’s wide receiver corps, Jersey Al waxes poetic on Aaron Rodgers wasting Aaron Rodgers’ prime, and Kelly mocks Mike McCarthy from afar. Tine on in, you won’t regret it!

Join co-hosts CD Angeli, Jersey Al Bracco, and Kelly Hodgson. We’ll be with you every game this season, so listen in with the best Packer radio show on the internet!


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