As we all know, the Green Bay Packers (7-2) are tied for the NFC’s best record and are grinding to get that No.1 playoff seed. On the AFC side, the Indianapolis Colts (6-3) are tied with the Tennessee Titans for the top of the southern conference.

This game is going to put every aspect of the Packers game to the test and we can’t afford to be off at all.

We can’t be messy like last week. This weeks game will impact the playoff picture for both teams in their respective conferences.

Not to be all serious and shit right off the bat. This week is a big talked about matchup. So I’m on edge. We’ll talk jokes next week. Today? Strictly business.

Not only is it a vibe, but it’s statistically shown that the Indianapolis Colts are one of the best pass-defensive teams in the league. They were able to hold Ryan Tannehill to an 83.4 rating last week. If you haven’t watched Indy play or watched any of the highlights (as I have), I suggest you don’t. Just adds to the anxiety levels.

^^ This also, did not calm the nerves. The fact that they just referred to dude as “The Maniac” is enough for me.

Leonard said he’s been looking forward to facing Rodgers ever since he found out that the Green Bay quarterback called San Francisco’s Fred Warner the best linebacker in the NFL after the two teams played in Week 9 this season.

“Everybody makes tackles; everybody can do that,” said Leonard, who led the NFL in tackles as a rookie.

“The motivation of a great ballplayer is how well can you change the game. That’s what I think I have on a lot of linebackers. I’m a game-changer. Somehow I get the ball in my hands or I take the ball out of their hands. That’s what makes you a great linebacker, not just making tackles.”

This is a good team. Defensively, they are damn-near at the top of every key passing metric. Which also makes me feel on edge.

The matchup between Colts cornerback Xavier Rhodes and Packers superstar wide receiver Davante Adams will be something of note to watch.

Adams last week was again Rodgers’ top target, and I’m assuming the same will be true this tomorrow. This means Rhodes has been and will be on the lookout and will apply major, major pressure defensively. Which ALSO means Rodgers is going to need other options in case Rhodes keeps Adams locked up the whole game.

It is looking now like the Packers’ other wide receiver Marquez Valdez-Scantling is becoming a contender to be Rodgers number two. Which makes sense. He’s been making more noise than usual lately. Beautiful things start to come to fruition when you consistently start catching the ball.

Who would’ve thought.

MVS scored one touchdown last week against Jacksonville and had a total of 149 yards.

Both of Green Bay’s top running backs, Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams, have been quiet the past few games. When I say quiet, I don’t mean that in a negative way, it’s just that I feel like they are doing enough to break even, but not making a ton of big time plays that show up on SportsCenter the next day. You know what I mean?

Last week, Jones on average had 3.5 YPC and only had 46 yards total.

Since the loss in Tampa Bay, where he was completely shut down, he’s been putting up relatively average numbers compared to what we’re used to seeing and what we know he can do. Granted I know he was out for a little bit.

This game against the Colts has a lot of talk behind it, and it’s going to be one of the best matchups this week in general. That being said, I think all cylinders of this Packers team is going to be firing at extreme levels. Jones and Adams specifically.

Both of these players know how to show out when it comes to big games. Superstars are built different that way.

The Colts secondary, and just the overall defense in general, is going to put Rodgers to the test. I want to say the same will be true for our secondary as well, considering we will have not only Jaire Alexander (concussion) back, but Kevin King (quad) as well. TOGETHER. For the first time since week 4.

This only means that (hopefully) there will be nothing but improvement coming from the Packers defense in the next few weeks to come. Tomorrow, I don’t want to get my hopes up. But, at least there is nowhere else to go but up from here. I’m excited to see what King does these next few games.

All facets of the Colts offense can be blamed for a run game that has disappointed so far. Running back Jonathan Taylor has seen his carries decrease. Hines and Jordan Wilkins have been inconsistent. The offensive line hasn’t blocked as well, especially on short-yardage plays.

I’ll own up to it 100%. For the Colts being as good as they have been, I haven’t been keeping up with them. Call me naïve but I don’t know much. So excuse my while I depend on other people to give me input on the matter.

What I do know, is that Colts QB Philip Rivers hasn’t treated any receiver like a clear No. 1 this season.

The veteran quarterback has spread the ball around consistently; the Colts have six receivers with between 33 and 20 catches, and players like rookie wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr., Marcus Johnson and Mo Alie-Cox have gone off for 100-yard days, only to recede back into the fabric of the offense the next week.

The Packers defense will have to be on their toes if this is the case tomorrow. This could be a good thing; not having one set player to be on the lookout for. Especially a standout running back. We all know how that goes.

In other good news, the Colts are allowing fans to attend Sunday’s game, which is such a beautiful thing. A sense of normality to some degree.

It’s clear that the Packers are a team that feeds off of that fan energy. I mean how could you not, considering Green Bay has the best fan base in the whole NFL?

I said what I said.

I see more and more people leaning towards the Colts coming out with the win this week. But, they aren’t confident about it. Correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen or heard anyone say with confidence that the Colts are who they genuinely want to win.

Actually, don’t correct me if I’m wrong. We’ve been here before. I’m never wrong.

I wouldn’t consider Green Bay an “underdog” in this situation. This is a game where it’s too close to make predictions just based off of obvious reasons, it’s a statistical prediction type of thing. You can make your assumption off of a bunch of numbers, but not me.

Packers have more heart and have more players who are on the brink of an expected stellar game.

Plus you’ll never find me betting against my team. Loyalty. Something most of y’all’s mans know nothing about.

33-27 Packers. Cheers, cheeseheads and critics. Let’s have a day.