Yes it sounds crazy, but the Green Bay Packers should move on from Jordan Love while he still has trade value. Aaron Rodgers clearly took it personal when the Packers used their first round pick to draft Jordan Love as it led to one of the best quarterback seasons in NFL history ending with Rodgers as the league MVP.

If the Packers truly want to maximize their potential and win a championship soon, they should trust that Rodgers will continue to play at this high level. This means focus on his replacement when that time comes, probably in about 3 seasons. Brian Gutekunst has a young quarterback to offer in a league that is very desperate for QB talent.

While this plan seems foolish seeing as nobody knows Love’s true talent, it may be too late to abort if the Packers sit on him for his first 4 or 5 seasons. Trading him now could land the Packers some draft capital, or even a proven talent in the league to help them clear this seemingly giant hurdle that is the NFC Championship.

This team has no true idea of what Jordan Love is capable of, as he has not seen a single live snap in the NFL, and has had very limited practice reps as well. What the Green Bay Packers can be sure of, is that they have a future first ballot hall of famer who is still playing at a very high level for 3 more seasons on his current contract.

Once again, it is uncommon for a team to move on from a player they haven’t tested the waters with, but if Green Bay trades Jordan Love this offseason, or even shortly into the year, they could obtain just enough talent to push them over the edge.

Many mock drafts have 4 or 5 quarterbacks going in the first 7-8 picks, leaving teams such as Denver, Chicago, Washington, and Las Vegas with limited options.

Drew Lock didn’t show much improvement for the Broncos last season, so they could be open to moving on from him. Washington signed Ryan Fitzpatrick this offseason, but would most likely prefer a young player to build around for the future as their defense has a great young core.

Andy Dalton’s play last season was the definition of mediocre, and the Bears have already shown they are open to other options after failing to trade for Russell Wilson. The Raiders also seem to be stuck in purgatory with Derek Carr, and could be open to starting fresh with a guy like Jordan Love.

It is unlikely the Packers could get back the equivalent of what they gave up when they traded up to draft Jordan Love. There is enough talent from one of these teams however that could help the Packers win one more Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers under center.

Defense would be the most likely trade option for a young quarterback, but draft picks or more offensive weapons could be beneficial as well. Either way, Jordan Love is not helping the Packers win right now, when they have been so close for so many seasons. The Green Bay Packers need to embrace the win now mentality, and make the best move to win a Super Bowl while Aaron Rodgers is still phenomenal.