Cheesehead Radio #266: Special Teams Give Love A Bad Name

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The Green Bay Packers take one on the chin as the Season of Love is shattered by one of the worst special teams performances in recent memory. While our defense kept the Packers in the game, is it time for Joe Barry to get a different hashtag than one that begins with #fire? And, OBJ rumors have Packer Nation on fire right now. Which is host is ALL IN on Odell Beckham Jr in the green and gold? Listen in and find out!

It’s four quarters of Packers football with CD, Jersey Al, and Kelly on Cheesehead Radio!

First Quarter:  The Packers come up short on the road in Kansas City
Second Quarter: How did Jordan Love do? Depends on your point of view
Third Quarter: Could the Packers sign OBJ? Would they? Should they???
Fourth Quarter: And the Seahawks descend on Green Bay on Sunday
Overtime: Packers/Seahawks Game Predictions

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