Well, it’s easy to say that the Lions MIGHT have wanted that game a little more than the Green Bay Packers. But, in the end, Detroit fans get their third win with a 37-30 victory over the Packers, but Aaron Rodgers and Co. have much bigger goals in place as they rest up on the first-round bye with the Last Dance ready to take center stage.

It’s four quarters of Packers football with CD, Jersey Al, and Kelly on Cheesehead Radio!

First Quarter:   The Lions play with heart as they defeat the Packers in Detroit
Second Quarter: But the Packers are set to return the calvary for the playoffs
Third Quarter: The Packers prepare a legal action against Green Bay and the state
Fourth Quarter: And a first round bye gives time to evaluate the competition
Overtime: The gang predicts the NFC Wild Card Round and the Packers first opponent

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